Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sept. bills

Praise the Lord I once again have made it through the month paying all my bills.

My only debt is my mortgage and $150 on my Kohl's charge that I hope to pay off asap. (I hate debt, but with that money my boys each got 3 pairs shoes and I got a pair of jeans and shoes.)



Anonymous said...

Be really careful with that Kohls card. It's so easy to get carried away. I always save up money for a specific item, charge it to my card (so I can get the rewards points) and then the money is in my savings account specifically for that item so I pay it off right away.

Becky R said...

My Kohl's charge has a very small limit. I only have it for the discounts. But the boys needed new shoes and I had 30 % off. They are now set until summer (except Jason still needs snow boots.)

I should have had $200 cash to buy shoes, but unfortionately did not.

I actually hate debt and plan to have this paid off by the end of month.