Sunday, October 31, 2010


Lady ate my toothbrush. Ewww! I hope she has fresh breath now. I now I sure don't. lol. This is what she has eaten so far (that I know about):

2 fire starter logs
loaf of bread
homeopathic PMS pills
3 tomatoes
3 granola bars
my toothbrush (she ate the brush part, but left the handle)
a chapstick (ate the chapstick, chewed and spit out the plastic container)

What fun!



Becky R said...

I want to brush my teeth after eating all this candy, but now I can't. Double ewww!!!

It is an electric and I am out of heads (she only ate the head.)
The problem is, is that it is about $27 for 3 replacements and since it is the end of the month that is out of the question.

I guess it is off to $1 store tomorrow for a cheap toothbrush.

Jeannette said...

gosh what is that nasty odor?

Kiora said...

I have 3 dogs and have found that the way to keep them from chewing on something they shouldn't, I give them many things they can chew on. My favorite are the big bones from Walgreen's that are 2/$5 and they last a very long time. Also goodwill stuffed animals and such. Something you don't mind them chewing on. My dog liked barbies, but only their hair and would leave them bald with hand and feet attached. It was more fun to pull out the hair. Kong's are also great. A bit pricey in the beginning, but worth every penny. There are so many suggestions on line of what to do with them. My dogs love it filled with peanut butter and treats that they have to work hard to get out. My labs can't chew them up. They have both had theirs for a couple of years. Good luck. They are worth the work.

Becky R said...

Dear Kiora,
Hello! We bought Lady her own chew toys, a pull toy, and gave her her own stuffed animals to chew. She has a kong too, I put pb in there to get her to take her antibiotics.
I will try the bones from Walgreen's.

But once we leave if something has a food smell she eats it. I just have to be more careful about what I leave where (because she is so big she can reach anything on counter.) Today she went upstairs and ate all Josh's fall festival candy. He is not happy, plus I am worried she will get sick (although she is fine now.)

It is just a learning curve for me being this is my first dog (as an adult.)