Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Giving Christ First Place Bible Study

A few weeks ago I started a Bible study at my church called First Place. It is about giving Christ First Place in your life, especially in the area of food and exercise. I especially need this as I'd like to lose weight, but more importantly want to grow in my walk with the Lord. The program is based on 9 weekly commitments:
1) attendance at weekly meeting
2) encouraging your prayer partner and other group members
3) daily prayer
4) daily Bible reading
5) memorize 1 verse a week
6) daily Bible study (about 10 min. a day)
7) Live It Plan (food exchange) which includes drinking 8 glasses water a day
8) recording daily food intake, water intake, and accomplished goals
9) exercise 30 min. 5 x's a week (or more)

I so needed an accountability group like this. I want to focus on God, not so much the weight lose (which would be nice as well.) My walk with Him needs to be closer. I am excited as today was the first day of Bible study which I did. I still need to do my daily prayer time, but I also read my Bible, and encouraged my prayer partner. I drank more than half my water, and wrote all my food. I have not exercised yet ( I HATE EXERCISE, so pray for me on this one.)

Thanks for helping me be more accountable. -Becky