Friday, February 22, 2008

snow day

Today we had a snow day. It started snowing around 4:00am. I got up at 6:30am and shoveled the sidewalk and cleared my car, then I took my shower and got ready for first daycare child who usually arrives at 7:00am. Her mom called at 7:30am to say she was not coming. I was actually too awake to go back to sleep and was unsure if next daycare child would come. So I watched a movie. Joshua was still asleep and Jason was playing his video games. My house was so quiet. I watched Little Miss Sunshine which I am not sure if I liked or not. I liked the family should stick together part of it. But it had too many curses.
Joshua finally woke up at like 9:30am. Just around then other daycare child's mom called to say he was not coming either. Yeah no work!
But of course today Jason & I were planning to go to PA. For his birthday I got him tickets to Daniel & the Lion's Den at Sight & Sound Theater in PA. We were going to drive down tonight and stay in a hotel with an indoor pool.The show is tomorrow. Now we did not go because the weather was bad today, and is supposed to get worse tonight. It is about a 3 hour drive. Hopefully we can leave in the morning, but only if roads are clear and not icy. I hope we get to go. I really want to see the show and spend special time with Jason. It is hard to spend time alone with him since Joshua is always around. Joshua is staying home with my mom, he is too young for the show.
So pray we can go tomorrow and for safe travels. Thanks! -Becky