Monday, February 25, 2008

We're back

Hi! Jason & I went to PA this weekend to see a play at the Sight & Sound theater. We saw Daniel & the Lion's Den. The show was so good. The drive was good, the weather was great on Saturday. I am glad we waited till Saturday to go. Jason & I had a nice relaxing weekend. I think he enjoyed himself. I did, but was super tired picking up Joshua last night, but he had to punish me for going away and was bad last night & today. But I needed the time with Jason anyway.

Our hotel, it is shaped like a ship, and has an indoor pool!

Jason in the hotel room bunk bed. He loved deciding to sleep on the top or bottom. The room also had a queen bed for me. Yeah!

Jason eating a twix and watching cable tv. We were pretty excited about all those channels. Isn't that why most people stay in a hotel, to watch tv? LOL

The only shot of me and Jason on the trip, too bad it is so horrible! I should have someone else to take a picture of us.

Dangerous ducks. These guys did not want Jason on playground or me on the road. It was funny!


Jeannette said...

Its nice to see both you and Jason smiling, you should try that more often

nisha said...

I like the part about staying in a hotel to watch TV. I don't have cable, but the weight room in our apartment complex does, so whenever I want to watch something, I'm forced to walk the treadmill. =)