Thursday, February 21, 2008

What to say

Today in the car Joshua asked me if his dad did not want to be his dad anymore. How do you answer that? It breaks my heart. He has seen his dad about 5 times his whole life, for about 1-2 hours each time. He is going to be 5 in May, so this is not much time. But still he loves to talk about and think about and make cards for and call his dad. I let him talk about his dad, send cards and pictures, and call his dad whenever he asks. His dad usually does not answer, but we leave a message. It makes me so sad. Who would not want to be a part of this super cute, smart, funny boys life? I do not get it. And as I was putting Joshua to bed he prayed, "God I wish my mom would marry my dad again." Then after he prayed he told me dad could sleep against wall in my bed and me in the middle and he would sleep on the other side of me. What do I say to this? It makes me sad too. But I am so glad we have our heavenly father and I tell Joshua that God is his father, but at 4 years old can he really get that? I am 28 and I still have trouble with that one. I pray God would help us both know how much we are loved. -Becky


Anonymous said...

Bless his little heart. If I could just Hug him now, I would.

I remeber having those same feelings about my Dad growing up. I think for boys they put their Daddy's on a pedistal.

I will pray for wisdom for you and for Joshua's little heart. I will also pray his Dad will begin to see what he is missing out on.

Jeannette said...

Just remind him everyday, he always has you and his grandma
as he gets older he will see, life was okay just the way it was