Tuesday, February 5, 2008

off to bed

It is 9:30 and both my kids are asleep. It's amazing! I just got home from aerobics and my First Place Bible study. Even though I am so tired the aerobics felt good. I am amazed at how I am actually getting some of the steps now (only a few-still having problems with the whole left right thing-LOL!) Even though I hate going I like the way I feel afterwards. Maybe there is something to exercise after all (YOU THINK?) I am going to read and then go to bed. -Becky


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

i'm sorry, i know it must be annoying, but it sounds so funny to me.....why does josh yell "FREEDOM"??? did he watch braveheart or something? ;)

i'm glad you are enjoying your aerobics....it's so true that the most difficult part is making yourself do it. then afterwards you feel so great! why is this so hard? you'd think it would make it easier!?!?!? i have to come with you one of these days and bust my butt.