Friday, February 8, 2008

Just sent my taxes in

I just sent my taxes in, YEAH! I am getting a refund, yeah again! It is all earmarked for something, but still it is nice to be able to plan ahead. I am using some of it for our great adventure theme park season passes for the summer. We love that place, the rest is not for fun. But that is ok with me.

What about you? Did you file yet? Do you owe? Are you getting a refund? What will you do with it? Anything fun?

I love discussing finances, I think because God has so been so faithful and has blessed us so in the past 10 years, I want to share how awesome He is.
Good night! -Becky


Justine said...

I did my taxes early too. I am hoping to save enough for a truck for my hubby by next tax time. Feels good!