Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I was on the phone till about 1:00 last night, why do I love to talk so? And then Joshua woke up at 4:00am and did not fall back asleep until 6:00am. Which is just about the time I had to get up. I am tired. I know, I know it is my fault to be on the phone so late, but I like actually talking to a grown up now and again. Especially when we joke and I laugh. I LOVE to laugh. But I digress, the point is I AM TIRED! I managed to get Jason off to school, we even chatted as no one was interrupting us. Joshua is still sleeping of course. My first daycare girl is late. My second daycare boy does not arrive until 8:30-9:00. This is ok with me. I wonder though how I will stay awake all day, and then go to aerobics tonight. AHHHHH!!!!! I think I will practice the sleeping with your eyes open technique. Lol! -Becky


Anonymous said...

I hate being tired. The new pci of you to the left is so pretty!