Saturday, June 6, 2009


Yesterday it rained so the church yard sale was off, but it was on today. They boys and I went about 9:00am. I was the cashier. We had a lot of donations. We made over $1,000 for the church building fund. That is exciting.

We are trying to replace our existing education space (we currently use an old house and large shed for classrooms.) We want to knock those down and add an addition to our church that would be used for classrooms. It would be a nice addition as the old house and shed are moldy and not very functionable.

We have had many new families join our church over the past few years (we now have about 100 families.) It has been wonderful as I love my church and feel it is such a family. The Holy Spirit is clearly their as well. The first time I ever walked into that church 11 years ago I felt so at peace.

I love being apart of the body at my church. I love teaching and would be so excited to have a nicer and roomier educational wing. So I am glad I was able to help with the yard sale fundraiser today.