Thursday, June 11, 2009

God meets my needs so much better than I ever could

I am really struggling with not buying anything. I have no more disposable money (not that I ever really did.) We don't really need anything, but still I go online and see things I "have" to get. Good thing for me I moved all my money out of any available accounts. I should have done this months ago, so I would not have spent about $2,000 not budgeted for since March (although I did buy the trampoline with that money and my boys love it.)

However I still have:
-all my bills are paid until end of June including July rent
-quick emergency fund (that I can get to that day)
-additional emergency fund of 6 months worth of income
-10% to put down on house I may be buying
-money for lawyer and costs associated with buying house (inspection, etc.)
-freedom account (to last 1 year) (actually I owe this account $400, so it is not fully funded.)

All of this is only possible because of God. He has blessed us so in the past few years. This reminds me instead of perusing the internet for stuff I should spend that time with the Lord!!! And to give thanks for all I already have, which is too much as is.

I see so many people struggling with paying the bills and I don't have that stress. I am in tears about how much this blesses my heart not to stress about money. And it also should give you hope. I am a single mom. I work 10-15 hours a week (when I am not on crutches) and still God has made a way for us. We have a home we love, a running car, plenty of food, so many things. But we also have time together. I get to spend many hours a day with my kids. I know sometimes I need a break from them, but still I greatly enjoy most of the time I get to be with them. We do go without some wants, but we have EVERYTHING we ever need, and so much more. We even usually take a trip or two each year (camping is a favorite.) I can not say it enough that God is amazing!!!

I do need to come up with:
$400 owe freedom account
money to buy a new pillow
$300 additional in homeschool stuff by Aug. (including co-op insurance and Home School Legal Defense dues, and a few more books.)

I should be able to use my Sat. job money for this stuff, once I actually go back to work.

What are your financial goals; or how has God blessed you financially lately?