Friday, June 12, 2009

Win a wallet!!!

open wallet with space for bills, checkbook, and cards, change part is on outside

I just got in the mail the coolest checkbook wallet. The best part is that it was made by a stay at home, Christian, homeschooling mommy. She makes wallets, cloth diapers, cloth mama pads, and burp clothes. I have personally seen a sample of all of these items and they are great. I use her mama pads and friends use her cloth diapers and burp clothes on their babies.

I decided that since I like her work so much and that I think she is super nice I am going to have my first ever contest.

To win a wallet from Primm n Proper Baby go to this site or this site and check out all Meaghan's products. Then leave me a comment on this post about your favorite product of hers or some product you might like to try and then if you have a blog post on it about my contest and a link to this post. If you do not have a blog email three friends a link to my blog post (this will be on the honor system.)

So to recap:
1) Go to this site or this site
2) look over it
3) go back to this post, leave a comment about something you think you'd like from Primm n Proper baby
4) post about my contest on your blog with a link to my blog or if you don't have a blog email three friends a link to my post

I will choose a winner when I have 25 comments or by July 10th whatever comes first!!!



kristen said...

Cool sites. Cool wallet. Pretty good prices : )

ElleBee said...

I like some of the planner/wallet items, but I have several pregnant friends and the cloth conversion kits are kind of cool as well!

ElleBee said...

I posted a link on my blog as well! :)

Ruthann Disotell said...

That's a fun product line. I just wish I understood the abbreviations better. I'm a grandma now and don't know what OS means. Oversized? One Size?
You can see they are all made with care.

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

Hi Becky

I went to the site, personally I like Meaghan the best LOL

Nice stuff but I can't use any of it, I will let girls know.


Carlee said...

What a great site and a talented girl. I would love to win such a wallet! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


Becky R said...

I am adding April into contest as she went to Meaghan's site as well. That makes 8 in the contest now.