Friday, June 5, 2009

our homeschool shelves

I am so proud of myself yet again. I was able to clear off and redo these two shelves over past two days. I got rid of what we did not need. I organized all the boys summer and fall lesson stuff. I evaluated what we need in terms of glue, scissors, note cards, etc (by the way we need almost nothing, so it will be hard for me not to buy new school supplies in summer, they are a weakness of mine.)

Homeschool shelf. Top shelf devotions and lesson plan binders. Second shelf all Josh's summer stuff and fall stuff. Third shelf each child has own box of supplies (pencils, crayons, scissors, etc.) Fourth shelf, extra pencils, rulers, etc. Also Josh's magic school bus book set (I just bought this.) Fifth shelf, each child has lap desk. This is in our entertainment center. It has a glass door that closes, so I am going to get frosted contact paper to cover so the books and supplies will be hidden away when door is shut.

Homeschool shelf. Jason's stuff is all in middle. My goal is to get something enclosed to replace this shelf as it looks cluttered in our living room, but for now it does the job.


Jeannette said...

Your right a closed in object would work better.. we will work on that