Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sort of turned day around to a happy ending

Joshua happily dipping a huge strawberry in chocolate

Well, after my pity party (which I am still not 100% over) the boys and I watched a family movie together (Enchanted, it is really cute.) Then we went outside and tried to start a fire in our fire pit. After several unsuccessful attempts we decided to try out the chocolate kit I got at the garage sale yesterday for $3 (brand new in the box.) It is a mini crock pot with lots of extras (dipping sticks, candy molds, etc.) As it warmed up the boys jumped together without incident on the trampoline. Then we dipped some of the fruit my mom brought over in the chocolate. It was delicious (and dinner by the way-I made a dinner type lunch around 2:00, so we decided fruit with chocolate was a good dinner.) The kids were happy, I was happy (maybe a little chocolate would have helped at 10am-lol.) Now Josh is in the shower and Jason is reading. It will be an early night so we can all have a fresh start tomorrow.

I do feel better for real though. Thanks for sharing my sad sort of day.



Jeannette said...

he looks like he is having fun