Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I so want this

Today's special value at QVC is this solar fountain that I love.
I don't need it so I am not buying it, but it is cool.


p.s. also on my wish list:
new pillow-I want a memory foam one
Sonic Care toothbrush
hammock for yard that kids and I can lay on
solar power lights for backyard
sushi kit, so I can make my own sushi

I will save for this stuff and if I still want it when I have cash in hand then I will look for good deals


Lyndsay said...

Hey there! Thanks for commenting. I love connecting with other single-moms! Your boys are very cute.

KHynes3 said...

I have a brand new sonic care toothbrush if you want it. I don't have the box though