Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My thrill of the day

I just took a load of clothes out of the washer, put them in a laundry basket, then walked outside on my deck and hung them on the clothesline.

Big whoop you may be saying. I did it without crutches. Yippee!!! I am starting to walk. Praise the LORD!!!

On a side note someone gave me 6 bottles of cheap laundry soap as they got a front loader and could no longer use it, well I tried it and my clothes were less clean then they are with my homemade laundry soap. I had to run another load to get them cleaner. That is not frugal or fun.



Jeannette said...

One small step for you is a big step to getting healthy and back to normal
Kudoos to you,
Prayers that you get the full use of your ankle back in 100% form

Can't wait to start walking around town and flea markets and garage sales