Sunday, June 26, 2011

Declutter update

My goal is to declutter 365 items from my home in 2011. My rules, by declutter I mean give away or donate, not throw away or sell. Also it doesn't count on items I bring in in 2011 (i.e. I bought Kaiden crocs, but he has already outgrown them so I gave them away.)

I have decluttered 260 items so far based on those criteria. Only 105 more to go.

The difficulty I am finding is that I keep bringing in more stuff (for daycare, next year homeschool, donations to me, etc.) So Even though I have decluttered about 260 items, I have brought in about half of that, so it is counter productive to my goal of having less.

I don't want to make excuses, but with all the "hats" my home wears (our home, our school, and a daycare for kids ages 1-6) I do need stuff. We need the regular home stuff, plus books and school supplies, and I need baby stuff and toys, as well as toys and activities for the older daycare kids.

But it is frustrating because I want less clutter and less stuff, not more.

Even though I haven't added to my declutter total, I wanted to give an update.



Jeannette said...

I agree you do wear many hats, and have many jobs and you have 2 boys, when you get my age you will have plenty of space and won't have to declutter as much.
I applaud you for even making an attempt to declutter, I wish someone I know could follow your example