Saturday, June 4, 2011


This above chart is an estimate of what experts recommend for proper sleeping hours. They also recomend a sleep schedule (fall asleep and wake up about same times each night and morning.)

I pretty much have been unable to establish such a sleep schedule. At night I get energy and even if I go to bed lie awake hours before I can fall asleep. But come morning sometimes I can't even get up. And I sure hate too. I love to sleep in. I could sleep until 1:00pm if left undisturbed. Also no matter what time I fall asleep and wake up I almost never wake up refreshed and also dream about napping throughout the day.

What is wrong with me? I guess this is a sin and I need to give this over to God and ask Him to help me go to bed and get up.

Do you have a sleep schedule? Do you get enough sleep for you? What helps you not to fall asleep throughout the day?



Becky said...

I have the exact opposite problem - I cannot nap! When my son was a newborn, everyone kept saying "sleep when the baby sleeps" and I would lie awake in the middle of the day, frustrated that I couldn't sleep. I'm not going to even bother with trying to nap whenever we have a second newborn. It just DOESN'T work for me!

I am more of an early to bed, early to rise kind of person. If my son wakes up in the middle of the night, though, it really messes with my sleep schedule. Then, the next night, I think my brain keeps me awake listening to see if the baby is going to wake up again. So frustrating!

I'm hoping me sleep gets better as my son (and future babies) get out of the little years. :)