Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Unbudgeted Expenses

$133 ticket for talking on cell while driving
$ 53 homeschool Convention Fee
$ 18 McDonalds (so against my food rules)
$ 12 donation
$ 20 adoption donation
$ 28 Michael's for crafts
$ 17 pictures developed
$122 homeschool supplies
$ 11 Blockbuster
$ 29 Dominoes (ewww!!!)
$ 55 Target (gift)
$ 60 Kohl's charge payment
$ 15 Great Adventure misc.
$ 22 Jason bought a game
$ 33 KFC

$628 total -yikes!!!

This would be ok, if I had an emergency fund (I don't anymore), no debt, and had paid all regular June bills (I would have but the $125 due to sewer bill ended up going to pay unexpected cell phone ticket.)

Thank God for a fresh start each day!



HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

I think you can fight the ticket... at least put it off for now, don't just pay it..


Becky R said...

I was talking while driving and that is NJ's law, so not sure what I would say in court.
Plus I am running a summer camp for school age kids and can't close (the parents are relying on me) to go to court.
Ticket is due July 2nd, so I already paid it.
I know a few people who ended up with warrants or suspended licenses for not paying tickets, so I will not risk that.
If I could go to court I could probably get a payment plan, but like I said I can't close.

Hopefully this will teach me not to talk while driving.

Anonymous said...

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