Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May bills

I was able to pay most of May bills. I still have to put aside money for my home insurance (which is due Nov. 1st, but I budget $100 a month for it.) Also I am a bit behind on my taxes (which are not actually due until Aug. 1st.)

All other house and car bills are paid for this month.

As far as my debt I paid minimum payments and still owe:
$700 Mastercard
$50 Kohl's
$217 dentist

I just did my budget for next few months and increased monthly amounts for home insurance and taxes so that they will be fully funded when bills are due.

Once those are back on track I will make it my priority to pay off Mastercard, then dentist. Kohl's I will be taking care of this month.

This may take longer than I hope as my child support payments have been missing lately. Oh, what fun.

How is your budget going?



HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

700?!! I can't talk or give you advice lol


Becky R said...

Things have been really tight. Everyday things like gas and food are on this card, but I have cut it up as we will have to start doing without as debt is so bad!!!!

Jeannette said...

I agree $700 now a days is not considered debt

You are too hard on yourself sometimes

Becky R said...

It's really $967 if you count Kohl's, dentist, and Mastercard. I hate debt though. It wouldn't be so high if I had seen some child support this month, but I have no control over that. Plus half the dentist is Josh's dad responsibility, but I took him so dentist is expecting me to pay.
So now I will just work on paying it off.