Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Homeschool convention

The Enoch homeschool convention I attended Fri. and Sat. was really helpful. I did eight 1 hour classes. I was tired, but a good tired. I attended a class on vision, special needs, stress in moms, and more. I bought a few books and am reading two of them right now.

One thing that is so cool is that you are in this huge convention hall with hundreds of homeschool families, and at any point you can strike up a conversation with any of them. Everyone is so friendly.

I have a renewed sense of my homeschooling. I still feel God calling me to homeschool. Lately I have been stressing, about the finances. God used the convention to remind me that He can provide anything He wishes if I am following His will (He can provide anything He wishes at any time, but if He is calling me, He will provide.) He even further convinced me Sunday when the sermon was about when some men were praying for rain, and if they really believed God would provide. My pastor said, pray for rain and carry your umbrella you are so sure He will provide. Not that he answers all prayer with yes, but have confidence in our God.

Right now we are still taking it day by day. We still need to finish this year's homeschooling before we can start next year's. We still need to buy a few things so we can continue. We still need to work on our heart's. Mine the most!

If you homeschool, do you attend any conventions? Do you find them helpful?