Friday, June 3, 2011


My heart is grieving for all those affected by the recent tornadoes. We had one in NJ (very rare) Wed. night. We only got strong winds at our house, as it was not that close to my house. But we were watching so many in other states who lost so much, some even their lives.

One woman was in her house with her family (spouse and two small boys.) Her entire house was lifted and spun around for 15 seconds before being dropped 2 streets over from where they lived. They all survived, but the 18 month old has a skull fracture. How scary! Praise God they survived.

I pray these survivors would turn to God in these troubling times. I pray that they can begin to rebuild their lives. I pray that those who still have can give, and then give some more.

I am praising God tonight for all I have!!!