Sunday, June 12, 2011

Please Help

Please go read this blog. It is about a single mom who lost her job over a year ago and is living in a trailor (not mobile home, like a trailor for trips) that is falling apart. She needs about $1,200 to get another one (plus other money she does have.) If we all donated $5 (we can all do that, I say that as someone who has no money right now, but I can sacrifice $5) or whatever we can it would help. Let's show this mom that community (even in another state) cares.

Go here to donate.


Winnie said...

Hi Becky,

I tried to donate to the lady with the trailer but keep getting a message from PayPal to return to your site. If you could explain how to donate I can send some money,
Thanks and God Bless.

Becky R said...

Winnie try it now

Becky R said...

Click on her blog (in my post) and she has a place to click for donations

Becky R said...

Looks like they got enough for the trailor, now they need prayer, and encouragement. Please go to her blog and leave an encouraging comment.