Sunday, June 26, 2011

Exhausted, but still so blessed

I am exhausted from waking up at 6:30am everyday this week. I did get to sleep in yesterday, so that was a blessing.

I have had daycare kids arrive about 7:30am everyday this week. One leaves about 5:00pm, one at 5:30pm, and Tues., Wed., & Thur. Kaiden is here until 9:30pm. So these are long days.

Mon. we went to horse farm
Tues. art class with homeschool co-op
Wed. water play in yard
Thur. we went to Six Flags Great Adventure all day
Fri. movie morning, another art class with homeschool co-op

In addition everyday (except Great Adventure days) we do:
breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 3 snacks (am, afternoon, and pm) Kids are involved in prep, and clean up of meals. And we all sit together at table to eat (except some snacks are eaten in yard, or in living room.)
-school time (my boys still have schoolwork, and I also do lessons )
-structured play
-free play
-outside play
-read aloud time (I read the Bible to the kids, and then they each choose a book.)

Every week we also do:
-trips (this week we did horse farm, and Great Adventure)
-science experiments
-art (we did this multiple times this week)
-cooking (this week we made pancakes from scratch)

I love doing all this fun stuff with the kids and having a schedule. Plus this stuff is great for Josh, who is only two years older than the two older daycare kids, so he gets to be helper, but still enjoys playing with them and doing all the activities. Jason can be bored, but he has so much schoolwork to do, until he catches up he is not allowed to play with friends during week anyway. (I know I am SO mean.)(By the way it is his fault he is behind, some stuff he told me he did, and some stuff he was too distracted to do. So this is his consequence.)

I did work at temple Fri. night, but was cancelled from Sat. night job so at least I got off Mon. & Sat. night this week. And all day today. I am going to clean the house and have a barbecue with my mom, stepfather, sister, nephew, and Grandmother. I am making chicken on grill and iced tea. Mom is bringing side, and Sam is bringing dessert. I love spending time with my family.

Even though I am exhausted it was a good week. I am thankful to God for the work