Friday, June 3, 2011


I love reading. I have a goal to read fourteen books by Labor Day.

I just finished one.
It is called Sugar Changed the World.

It is a history of sugar, and those who made bringing sugar to us (commoners) possible. Mostly it was slave labor, and the life a slave led was terrible. This book, although written to young adults, was very educational and informative for me.

I also am reading with Joshua Spring with the Moody's, which is number 4 in a series for children.

This series is written by a homeschool graduate about a homeschooling family. You can check out all the books here. Joshua really enjoys these books and begs for me to keep reading after each chapter.

I love reading, and am so glad my boys enjoy it too. Jason is known to get lost in a book for a few hours. Joshua has just started reading a few chapter books on his own, but still really enjoys being read to. Joshua also has taken to reading to Kaiden every day. It is really sweet. Kaiden also enjoys being read to and looking at books independently.

I have this theory that if you read to children everyday or at least a few times a week from birth, they will enjoy reading. I actually read a study that just having books in the home will create lifelong readers. One of my homeschool goals is to instill a love for reading in my boys. I also want them to be able to comprehend what they read and be able to discuss it as well. A good thing about this goal is that books can be free (library or getting books from people giving them away) or very inexpensive (used book sales, yard sales, and thrift shops.)

Do you enjoy reading? Do your children? Do you use the library? If yes, how often?