Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mount Laundry

For the past two weeks I have been moving mount clean laundry around, we finally folded and put it all away tonight. Nine loads of laundry. Yikes! (The kids did help fold and put away.)

I have another load in washer and dryer (clothesline is broken) and three more in dirty hamper.

How do we have so many loads of laundry (and that is not all, I would say six more with all sheets and bedding.) That adds up to TWENTY loads of laundry for three people. (Actually nineteen, because one load was Kaiden's.)

two loads sheets and blankets
two loads clothes

two load sheets and blankets
two loads clothes

three loads clothes (not that I have more, mine are bigger)
two loads sheets
two loads comforters

one load towels
one load cloth napkins, and cloth paper towel replacements

We do about six-seven loads of laundry a week. One for each of us (three), one towels, one cloth, and some body's sheets and blankets.

What is your laundry situation?