Monday, February 4, 2008

Yes, I am weird

I just had a nice chat with my ex husband. I don't have too many of those (we don't talk much) anyway it got me thinking about how I talk to people from my past (yes, sadly some no longer that I do think about, an old friend just messaged me on myspace tonight, which was so nice.) But the people I am talking about are those who hurt me. For a long time I let those people have a hold on me, but over the years I have let all that go, but instead of forgiving and forgetting, I actually have stayed in touch or gotten back in touch with them. One person in particular has really been on my mind lately. I have chatted with this person and pray for this person often. I actually want them to know that they are on my mind and that I am praying for them, and that I have forgiven them. Maybe they don't care, but I do. God has put it on my heart to care.
As for my ex husband sure you think I have to talk to him, we have a son together, but sadly we do not talk much about Joshua, he just does not really have a relationship with Joshua (I try), but we talk about other stuff. His relationhip with the girl he left me for has recently ended and finally has him thinking about why his relationships fail (don't worry I told him why ours did-him having the girlfriend sure didn't help) but seriously what reason do I have for listening to him talk about his pain, after he hurt me. I don't, but through God I care. I can't really explain it any other way. I want to share the forgivness God has given me I guess. So many times I have done so many things wrong, yet every single time God forgives me. It amazes me. It makes me want to share that. I know how easy it would be to burn bridges and let memories fade, but I find it more important to mend those bridges and even try to cross over them now and again. -Becky


Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!