Friday, July 2, 2010

Awesome day

Today (Thur.) I stuck to my goal of no driving. I have to say today was one of the best days I have had in a long time.

I slept in, but not too late. Kids were in cooperative mood as we did yard work and chores. After lunch we did some schoolwork. Then we just hung out. Josh and I actually rested outside, while I read he did a crossword puzzle book.

Then we took a short bike ride.

We sat and ate dinner together at table. We talked and there was no fighting. Boys were eagerly discussing making root beer and their desire for a dog. It was so nice and relaxing.

After dinner we all cleaned up and then played Jenga outside. Again no fighting. We were actually all laughing.

The boys cousin joined as as we watched Wipe Out (I know it's not nice, but watching silly strangers get hurt is funny.)

At 9:00pm we read 2 chapters of the book I am currently reading to the boys before bed (Autumn with the Moody's) and then Josh went to bed. No complaining, no crying.

Today besides no driving I started using the if then and blessings charts again (from Doorpost.) Basically if you do something wrong (i.e. hitting) the consequence is already there, plus a verse relating to that offense. The boys each got some consequences today, but overall it was very mild. They especially don't like the consequence of doing a chore of their brother's if they are mean, or rude to their brother. They also each earned a reward for not lieing today. The reward was a junk food treat.

Throughout the day I read 15 chapters of The Last Song. It is good so far. A bit young for me (it is about a 17 year old,) but overall good.

Then after boys were in bed I watched Dear John (I rented it at library yesterday.) I was crying for a lot of the movie, but the ending just came out of nowhere and I was waiting for more to happen.

While I watched the movie I sewed a new clothespin bag and a birthday gift for a friend (a tote bag.)

Just a few minutes ago I sat on my back porch and enjoyed the beautiful cool summer breeze. I was once again in awe of my blessings, especially my home. Of course Eric came to my mind and heart, and some tears fell. He is so much a part of the reason I have this house. He was certainly on board for me to buy this house before he died. I remember talking with him about it. I wish he were here to talk with me now.

But I know he would be glad I had such a good, relaxing day.

I am off to bed I have a special surprise planned for boys tomorrow and I have to get up early.



Jeannette said...

Its nice to hear you had a good day. You are a wonderful mother and your children are blessed

Samantha said...

the book dear john was way better then the movie, seems like you're on a nicholas sparks kick, i like him, he is a favorite i have alot of his books