Thursday, July 29, 2010


In addition to watching a little boy today, cooking mini camp, and regular day to day stuff (plus blogging) I managed to clean my room. I decluttered about 15 items, some to garbage, some to freecycle, and some to friends.

I also took any of Kaiden's stuff I keep here out of my room (I have blankets, diapers, wipes, etc for when he comes over), and made him a drawer in the laundry room.

I redid my night stand so the books I am reading and want to read are not piled high.

Plus I went through my shirts and made sure any I was not wearing (3) were removed.

I windexed and hung my full length mirror (not in the right spot, but good for now.)

I even cleaned out a tote bag that has been in my room for a while.

I made more floor space by taking out homeschool stuff (I had a large box) and putting it in hallway (my room is all about me or should be anyway.)

I took the things Josh keeps in my room (like books, a pillow, and a small supply of activity books) and made him a little spot in my room (it is easier since he rests and does time outs in my room to have some quiet time activities. My goal is to have no one else's stuff in my room, but that is not my reality right now.)

It feels nice to have a cleaner decluttered room. It is especially helpful since my room is only 6'6" by 10'5" (yes it is that small.)

Now off to mow the grass.