Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Unbudgeted For Spending

$45 Great Adventure Six Flags Season Parking Pass
$75 Great Adventure Season Pass (for me, kids were gifted to us.)
$25 Food at Great Adventure first time we went in July
$45 Water Filter
$20 Dunkin Donuts
$10 Dog and bird treats (for animals we were pet sitting)
$40 birthday gift, plastic wrap, and tin foil
$40 boys new bathing suits and sandals
$40 paint to do front porch
$40 pizza
$12 treat for boys (Club penguin month membership)
$60 clothes for Josh and Kaiden
$8 Shoprite (non food)
$30 CPR class
$30 extra gas driving to Great Adventure
$30 food on second trip to Great Adventure

$550 total

Good thing I had lots of extra part time work this month. I still managed to pay above and all regular bills.