Sunday, July 18, 2010

Boy's business

My boys have stared a pet and house sitting service. They have had a few jobs already.

I am proud of them as they are working hard. These are the jobs they have had so far and what they have earned:

-pet sitting two cats $80
house sitting at the house of above two cats (above price included all services)
-pet sitting one cat (we are still doing this job, it is a six week or so job)
get in mail at house we are long term cat sitting
-watering a garden $16
-dog sitting $60

The cat sitting we go to their house each day and play with cat or cats, feed them, change water, change litter boxes, etc.
Dogs we will go to their house or dog can stay at ours. We walk them, feed them, play with them, etc. The past dog stayed with us for 8 days.

The boys charge $6 a day for dogs, $5 a day for cats, $2 for watering gardens, $1 for watering smaller plants, and $1 for taking in mail. They have made over $150 so far. The job we are still doing we are doing because we volunteered (Jason's great grandfather fell and is in nursing home recovering.) We do not want to be paid for this, but boys still treat it like a paying job.

They have another garden lined up in Aug. and possibly another pet gig in Aug. as well.

After tithing they are saving all their pet sitting money. They want to buy a quad type car to share. We will see how that goes. At $1,000 price tag and other added fees (helmets, gas, etc.) that may change. They wanted a dog, but have now changed their minds, so I imagine they may change their minds once again. But I really like how they are working hard and together towards a common goal.

With my boys whenever they want something I require them to buy it themselves. Jason bought his own Wii in 2007 (with some saved money, gift money, and help from Grandma as well.) He also paid half for a week at camp in 2007. If my boys want to go to movies they pay as well (unless Uncle Kevin takes them, then all bets are off.) Sometimes they have even paid for me to go to movies. Today they wanted Wendy's for lunch and they paid.

I do give them allowance. Jason gets $12 a week (he is 12.) Joshua gets $7 a week (he is 7.) They tithe first, then put money in savings, then whatever is left is their spending. This works very well. It has really helped them to understand that money can only go so far. I also try to use cash around them, so they see me spending cash, not plastic. In addition Jason helps me with monthly budget. And when boys ask why we don't have something (say cable) we get out budget and see where it can fit in. They quickly realize that there is no room for it, and it seems to make sense to them.

What things are you teaching your kids about money? Do they get allowance? Do they have to buy some things themselves?



Whitney said...

Hi, I've been creepily (is that a word?) stalking your blog for a while and I love it! Since I started my own I wanted to comment and say hi. I really love how you post so often!

I'm definitely impressed with your boy's business prowess. At those ages I'm pretty sure all I had going were lemonade stands that no one ever visited. :-)

Anonymous said...

That is awesome~! You are such a wise mother!

Unknown said...

WOW Becky this is awesome! $6 a day is a great rate! we usually pay Petsmart $20 for day camp/care and $31 for overnight stay! I wish your boys lived closer I would leave my golden retriever with them all the time!


Becky R said...

HS, they would love to watch a golden retriever. They love big dogs.
Our rates are reasonable because they are kids. Plus they are doing the businesses for friends and family.

Joanna said...

so whose money really paid for my ice cream sandwich yesterday?? lol
if i hear of anyone in the area who needs a pet sitter or plant waterer i'll talk the boys up! :)

Becky R said...

yes, that was the boys money, but I will put the $5 back. I promise.