Monday, August 2, 2010


Today I got a package in the mail. A kind woman who reads my blog sent some clothes. I feel so tremendously blessed.

In the box:
4 pairs capri's
1 skirt
3 blouses
10 shirts
2 long sleeve t-shirts

The thing is they are all my colors (greens, blues, and even a burgandy shirt.) And everything fits. It is such a God moment. He loves me that much that He used a blog reader to bless me. And with clothes I would have picked out in the store for myself.

I am so blessed!



Rose said...

I'm happy for you.
I love those colors by the way!
I'm sure they look FABULOUS on u!

Jeannette said...

That was very nice of that person, but if want clothes I can bring you shopping, you never want to spend time with me

Becky R said...

I would love to spend time with you, I think 12-2 am should work for you.
We will get Mon.-Thur. next week, you will be sick of me.