Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our vacation to Cape May, NJ

I have been waiting to post about our trip to Cape May until I had more pictures. I finally saved some from snapfish, so here they are.

The boys left Fri. (the 6th) with my parents. They did a fire, lots of bike riding, went to the beach, and more. They even took the ferry to Delaware and rode bikes there.

Mon. (the 9th), my sister, brother, nephew, and I drove out there. We hung out at house, then went to Cape May lighthouse and some tourist shops. Then we has crabs and built a fire and had smores. We also all played Life together.
we climbed to the top, it has over 200 steps

Jason & Kaiden
Kevin & Kaiden

Tues. (the 10th,) we went to the beach and also went power sailing (I didn't go up, just in the boat.) I can not believe my boys were so brave to go up, Jason went with my sister, Josh went with my mom (go mom!)
mom & Kaiden
Scott teaching boys to boogie board
Sam boogie boarding
Kaiden at the beach
Jason buried at the beach
Jason boogie boarding
there were dolphins swimming in water while we were swimming as well
look how high up they went
mom & Josh power sailing
Sam & Jason power sailing

Wed. (the 11th), we went to thrift shops and shopping down town. We also made another fire at night, Josh actually helped start the fire.
yum, smores!

Josh on swing in yard of house we rented
Jason on swing in yard of house we rented
Josh with fire he built
Mom & Scott around fire

Thur. (the 12th), we packed up the beach house and then went to Cape May Zoo on the way home. Jason and Josh both liked the monkeys.
Josh & I at Cape May Zoo
boys at Cape May Zoo

It was a very nice time. Very relaxing. The weather was so nice. I am so glad we all got to do this trip together!


Jeannette said...

wow, great photos, that was an awesome vacation. I would like to go away with just you and Sam?? Maybe during the winter we can do a over night somewhere?