Sunday, August 29, 2010

Homeschool closet

Although I didn't get any milk crates I did have this old radio shelf someone gave us for Jason's room (but it didn't really work in there.) So I pulled everything out of our homeschool shelf and put it all back (minus stuff we no longer need.)

shelves to the left (this is a weird closet, it used to hold a water heater, but now is just a closet) these are the boys books

bottom half of closet (using old radio shelf) these are mostly science and art supplies
top half of closet
these are mostly school supplies (glue, rulers, pencils, markers, etc.)

As I was putting it back the door to the radio shelf shattered (it was glass) although it looked so pretty on the floor it was no fun to clean up.

At least now we can start homeschooling (well I haven't gotten the boys math yet, but we can review last year's math to get started.)

I like that I was able to repurpose the old radio shelf. I am a firm believer in making due with what I have. I also believe that if it doesn't work then I have too much stuff to fit. God gave me this house, He knows it is exactly what we need. That may mean parting with some stuff I may want to keep, but don't really need. Or it may mean finding another spot to keep some stuff.



Jeannette said...

wow, I have a few closets needing organizing-that looks super!
what is a radio cabinet?