Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here's to 1,000

Can hardly believe it but this is my 1,000th post.

I thought I would recap some of my blessing:

my health
my amazing family (did not have digital pics of sister, Lindsey and brother, Matthew)
my amazing church family
my friends who I consider family
being able to sponsor two children through Compassion
my home
this blog
my readers
my nice, cozy bed
days I can sleep in
taking a nap
free public libraries
ability to bake, especially from scratch
the smell of fresh baked bread in the morning

getting to enjoy, grow with, and homeschool these two amazing boys

my amazing family

freedom! freedom to worship God, to homeschool, and so much more

old friends (going on 25 years) yes she is a bit crazy (she has to be to be my friend. lol) Lauren and also Joanna (not pictured)

my niece (who is 15) and my best friend of 12 years (who actually still calls to hear my lists) Monica

My grandma, cousin, sister, friends, & niece
Mom, Sam, and a sweet family friend


having Eric as my older brother for 29 years

Kevin, grandma, and my boys
having Kevin as my brother

having Sam as my sister




I have more (about 1,000 more.) How about you. What are some of your blessings?



HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

My god your sister is sooo cute!!! my kinda girl! sorry you don't have to post this comment lol

Rose said...

Everything and each new day I see and each new breath and step I take. There are so many blessings in life. I'm sure your family is a HUGE blessing like my family is to me. God is good and there is a lot to look forwards to! LOVE THE POST!

Jeannette said...

How awesome that you have this blog for so long! I know myself you have encouraged many with your posts
I myself am very proud of you in all areas of your life

Jeannette said...

on a side note, I do believe Eric is still your older brother and he is still watching over us. The check thing is most definetly a sign