Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Challenge for today

It is Aug. 31st. This is the first month the month has ended and all my bills are not paid in full. I still need to come up with $214 to finish out the month.
(still owe: water bill $40, sewer bill $50, owe Kevin $50, sponsor child commitment $74.) [side note, the water and sewer bill are not late yet, I actually only just got water bill in mail, but I usually like to pay even before the bill comes in]

So today I am challenging myself to make this money. I just got a commitment to $20 by selling the Latin books I offered the other day. I also have two checks coming to me by Fri. for $36 & $50. I still need to come up with $108.

I have a few new pampered chef items that I will try to sell as well and some cloth diapers that are too small for Kaiden.

I will update as I sell more stuff.


update: Just got another $60 commitment for a new Pampered Chef knife set I have valued at $99.50, so they got a good deal (I only paid $60 for it anyway, so at least I got my money back.) $48 to go. This is fun! (not having too little money, but trying to make it right.)

Just secured another $10 to make two gallons laundry soap for a friend. $38 left to go.