Sunday, August 29, 2010

Milk Crates

I came up with a frugal idea to make shelves in my homeschool closet using milk crates (I don't want to put up permanent shelves, because the entire closet is going to be removed within a year.) I was in for a shock when I discovered how hard it is to come by milk crates. Plus how expensive. Real, sturdy ones are about $17 each (plus shipping.) I wanted 5, so forget the frugal idea. It would have been if I had some lying around. Still trying to come up with a frugal shelf, I texted everyone I know and asked for milk crates, but got no from everyone.

So much for that idea. Now I have to look around and see what I have that can work as right now even opening the homeschool closet door could be hazardous to my health.



Tina said...

They give them to Carrie at her workplace. We use them for the chickens in the coop for their nesting boxes. I wonder if you went to the actual milk company if they would have some old ones. How about asking on Craigslist? Or did you do that?

I think your idea is wonderful, no reason to go full bore shelves when the closet will be gone soon anyway.

Hope you can find some!