Sunday, August 29, 2010

No drive days

Today was another no drive day. So far this month I have had 5 no drive days (plus 2 other days that I did not drive my car.)

I think I would like to try and do 2 no drive days each week come Sept.

This may be hard as Sun. is church, Wed., is co-op and church at night, Fri. is co-op, and Sat. I work at night. That leaves Mon., Tues., & Thur. If I don't have to work those days.

I will see. I would like to try to save gas, and wear and tare on my car.

Do you drive everyday?



Jeannette said...

Hmmm I would love to incorparate a no drive day, but I would also like to add a no work day, a no house cleaning day and a no worry about children day

Working on just a no work at all day is something I will achieve