Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of 2007

Hello! Today is the last day of 2007. A day to reflect and make resolutions. Mine are simple, lose weight and grow in my walk with the Lord. I have a step by step plan to do both as just saying a simple statement does not really work. For my weight I am starting a biblical approach to eating and filling our voids with food instead of God. Also I am in aerobics once a week and will be exercising 15 min in am and 15 mins in afternoon. Also I will be drinking 6 glasses water a day and writing down everything I eat. I think the greatest help will be more time with the Lord, and the accountability group. I think it all ties together. If we are struggling, a diet, or pill, or plan will not help if we are not growing closer to the Lord.
I will keep you all updated on my resolutions.
This weekend was a strange one for me, I did some out of the ordinary things. Saturday I worked and kids slept at my mom's. But Sunday was such a nice day we went down to Sandy Hook. It was fun for kids to run and play on beach (with winter coats, hats, and gloves on.) Jason even got some shells. Of course we had to leave when Joshua went in the water. He was not even cold. He could not understand why he could not go in the water like in summer. Didn't the coat and gloves tip him off? LOL!
Today we were going to go to New York but we are all just really tired. Jason has a friend over and they are outside riding his new bike that he got for Christmas. It is still nice out, a bit windy, but not that cold.
We are going to go to the movies to see The Water Horse and get some junk food for tonight, but I doubt I will make it up till 12:00, I guess I am getting old-lol (28 is so old.) I have been through this new year thing before, I don't need to see it happen, tomorrow will be 2008 whether I stay up or not, and the amount of sleep I get determines if I start the new year cranky or not.
Now that I have mentioned it I want to add one more resolution, to be cranky a lot less. We will see about that.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas is over

Hello! Well Christmas 2007 has come and gone. The presents are unwrapped and scattered all over the house. The family gatherings are through. We got so much we are so blessed. I am waiting for the new room to arrive to put all this stuff away-lol. I was off from work all week. I have lost track off the days from all the relaxing we have done. And I still have Sun., Mon., & Tues. off, it is so nice! Of course it is unpaid time off but well worth it. I could not imagine having to have put all this stuff away already for daycare to resume. Plus it will only be a three day work week next week, so that is nice. Tonight I am actually going to work at my part time babysitting job. I can make a little money anyway.
The kids are playing with new toys they got for Christmas. Jason wants to go outside and ride his new bike. It is nice enough, it is actually strangely warm weather outside. I like it though. Yesterday we got to play outside too. The less time I have to shovel snow and deice is fine with me.
Today we are going to straighten house, and clean car before I go to work. I will clean, kids will relax and play, I am sure. But they need some down time so that is OK.
I also tried to make some homemade bread today. I used a easy bread recipe and wheat flour but it is not so good. I will try it again as the idea of me making homemade bread is exciting. I want to see if it really is worth it to save money and if good homemade bread beats store bought. I will keep you updated on that.
Have a great weekend! Try and relax! -Becky

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Jason & Joshua

Jason at Christmas

Merry Christmas

Hello! Merry Christmas! What a blessing this Christmas has been to me and my family. We got some wonderful gifts and the kids are still really excited! We got to go to church on Christmas Eve with my family (minus Jason which of course makes us very sad, but he spends Christmas with his Dad.) The service was great. At the end we turn off all the lights, light candles (we all are holding one) and sing Silent Night. It is so beautiful! I pray your Christmas was blessed as well! -Becky

p.s.-Mom thanks for getting everything on my list especially my nativity which I LOVE! You are so great! I love you!

New Song

I love this song- check it out and watch the video -Becky

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas shopping

Hello! Although I started in Oct. I still am not done Christmas shopping, plus I have way over spent. Next year I am going to wait till I have all the money I need then put it in an envelope and then go shopping or to my computer. I have to get one more gift for my stepfather. I am not sure what to get him. I am sure I will think of something, but I hate the thought of going into another store. I did most of my shopping on ebay and Christian Book Distributors -totally go to there website they have such awesome stuff at great prices and shipping is so fast and cheap.

I have been tremendously blessed with some donations to me this year (thanks for them.) I used this money that we got as early Christmas gifts to finish my shopping and pay off a few bills. As of right now all our 2007 bills are paid up. I almost have all the money for the rest of bills and Jan. rent. God is so good to us.

I am so in awe this time of year of how kind people can be. It really makes me feel so blessed. Merry Christmas! -Becky

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

amazing blessing

Hello! Just yesterday I posted how I was going to not be embarrassed by my car and keep it clean despite its limitations. Well I am not sure if this is a result of that, but today a friend of mine called me. He co-owns a brick, gravel, etc. place. I wanted a price on a load of gravel as my driveway was turning into a swamp and it was not fun (especially on our cream carpet in living room.) Well, he called today and asked the size of my driveway. After I measured and told him he said he would be over in an hour. I asked about a price, he said I'll see you in a bit. He came and dropped the load, and would not take any payment. God is so good. No, great. What a blessing to me! The kids and I just spent 1 1/2 hours raking it level. We half succeeded. LOL!
How do you like our work?

our new driveway-yeah!

you are looking at our new gravel driveway that we raked ourselves (it's not crooked you must be looking sideways-lol!)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My car

Hello! I wanted to share a thought. I have been embarrassed by my car. It is a 1992 dodge shadow with rust spots all over it, and the cloth ceiling is down, after being stapled up once before. Also it has like 189,000 miles. But I recently read an article by Mary Hunt about keeping any car clean will make you feel better. And it hit me that if I can not care for this car, then God will not allow me to be responsible for a nicer car. Just like in anything, He gives us a little and then if we are faithful He increases. Well, while the kids rested I cleaned all the garbage out of my car and windexed all the windows and wait mom, hold on, cleaned out the trunk. It looks nice. It still needs to be vacuumed, but I will hopefully do that Sat. in am. I am so grateful to have a car, and it is a pretty color. Thank you God for allowing me to have a way to get around with NO car payment! God is so good! -Becky

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hello! Jason's grandparents (not Josh's) had Santa come to our house on the fire truck a few minutes ago. The thought was nice, but I don't actually do Santa. We say he was a man who loved God and wanted to give gifts so kids and people would know about God's love. We don't get gifts from him cause we know about God, but we still give gifts to share God's love. I do get my kids four gifts each, for a total of $40 each (give or take.) So I have never visited Santa or had pictures taken with him, but Jason's grandparents do the whole Santa thing and they thought it would be nice. I so appreciate that they are involved with Jason and even Josh (who they have no obligation to.) And actually Joshua loved it. He was so excited to see Santa in his living room. Santa even gave them a candy cane and gift (the gifts were given by the grandparents as well, and they paid to have Santa come here-it's a fundraiser for the fire house in town.) Joshua just had to call his best friend, Dylan & his grandma screaming that Santa came here. He is so happy. It is so cute. Since both my boys know of Jesus's birth I am not too worried that Santa excites them as well.
Merry Christmas!

Joshua and Jason with Santa

Friday, December 14, 2007

Really cool lego thing

Not sure about your house but my boys are obsessed with Lego's especially the mini figures. I found this cool product. I am not affiliated with them, just thought if it works it's seems awesome! Has anyone got this product? Any reviews?

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I want to tell you about It was created to keep stuff out of landfills that is good but not wanted anymore. Example you have a washer and dryer matching set and the dryer goes, you decide that you want a new matching set, so do you throw away the good washer? No offer it on freecycle via a post on a local freecycle website and people who want it will email you. You make arrangements for person you choose to pick it up. It gets better, do you need a used washer, then you can post a wanted request and if someone has one they will email you. You can ask for or offer anything-good carpet, clothes, fish tanks, bowling balls. It all is free (do not ask for money for the stuff you offer!!!!.) Make sure the stuff you offer is in good used condition, not junk.

I have gotten new carpet that someone did not want, clothes, coats, toys, and more. I have offered sheets, toys, clothes, candle holders, and so much more.

Give it a try You will have to join a local chapter with a yahoo address all free to do. This is a good time to offer stuff as your kids and you will be getting more stuff for Christmas. Great way to declutter and help the environment!!!!


We have church on Wed. night, so every Thur. I so wish it was Friday. I am tired. Last night at church we had our Christmas potluck. It is always nice to fellowship with members of my church. Plus my mom & grandma came as well. After the dinner we went to a concert at my niece's school. She is in 7th grade and in the chorus. I was glad to go and support her. She got to be a swan swimming in the 12 days of Christmas song. It was cute. Jason & Joshua were good. They wanted to leave after the first song but overall did well.
I am so blessed as I have received two gifts from wonderful people for Christmas. I so appreciate getting them and before Christmas so I can finish my shopping and such. I also was able to pay something off that I needed to. God is so good. It is only God when someone gives you money no strings attached. It is only God that those people love me so much! It is amazing. I know I have mentioned how tight money is but more so I want to convey how blessed I am. We have SO much! TOO MUCH! We have our health, our home (without a mortgage for 7 years), so many toys and arts and craft supplies and books, we have food, we have a nice yard to play in, a running car, all our bills paid as of Dec. 1st. This is all so amazing and all only because of God. And God has blessed us with a wonderful support system in our friends, church family, and family. God knows I need them, too.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy 10th Birthday Jason!

Today is Jason's 10th birthday. I can not believe it. I remember being pregnant with him, the anticipation, and expectations. I can recall my labor, where I decided that I could not do it and wanted to stop, but since I could not somehow I got through. Jason came out screaming. He was so loud his grandparents heard him in the lobby. And I recall the first moment he was laid on my chest. He was so skinny and small, and mine. I was afraid to change him in the hospital into his going home outfit, I thought I'd break him or something. The nurse changed him for me so quickly and effortlessly. I told her I was scared to take him home and she asked me why. I said I did not know what I was doing and she said you'll learn. She was confident I could care for this little boy. Me I am still not too sure.

This morning I made Jason his favorite breakfast (except I forgot to buy orange juice) and gave him his gift. As I hugged him and said my little boy, he said I am not little anymore, I am double digits. This hurts as it seems only yesterday he was so small in my arms, yet it also feels worlds away at times, too. The mistakes I've made and the good things too, are all shaping this little man to who he will be. As his mom I feel personal responsible for it all, but I know in reality it is God. God knew of Jason and loved him long before I even existed. God knew that by my mistakes in life Jason & I would come to know HIM. God turned something not so smart, into something amazing. Jason is amazing. He has a heart for those less fortunate, and cares so deeply for his brother. He loves to talk and laugh, and play games. He enjoys reading, which blesses my heart. He is a hard worker when he needs to be and is really funny. He can make me laugh, but he especially cracks up his brother.
Through all the heartache and mistakes I have made, I am so blessed to have two wonderful boys. I would not trade a day of my past if it meant not having them.
Have a great day! -Becky

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Good morning

My new goal is bed by 11:00 and up by 6:00. Currently I have been getting to bed by 11:40 and up at 6:40. It is still the same amount of sleep (7 hours) but would give me more alone time in am. I want to start adding a few exercises in am, afternoon, & pm. I want to do 10 min. at a time to make the 30 I need a day. We will see. I know God wants me to exercise more, I just HATE to. I have started going to a free aerobics class at my church Tues. night. The teacher is a member of our church who is a personal trainer, so I am really glad she is doing the class. But ouch, I am out of shape. Actually not in shape because out of implies I was once in shape. LOL! I ask for prayer as I want to change my lifestyle and make exercise part of my daily routine.
How do you all get your exercise in with your children, and husbands, and jobs and stuff (homeschooling, volunteering, etc)? How much do you do? -Becky

Monday, December 3, 2007

My Christmas Letter


Dear Family & Friends,

Hello! This is the earliest I am writing my Christmas letter as it is not even Dec. yet (we’ll see if I am as good mailing them out.) I am writing this in our new house, our new address is:
Yes, we moved again, and back to where I grew up. We are renting my grandmother’s house as she has moved to AZ. We miss her, but are so grateful she is entrusting us with her house. We just moved in mid Aug. and immediately felt at home. Joshua loves sharing a room with his big brother, and Jason really enjoys riding his bike to school and playing with his new friend who lives right behind us. I love our yard, even mowing the grass and raking the leaves, things that I never had to do in any of my apartments.
Joshua has started preschool, he goes 2 ½ hours every weekday. He really enjoys it; he has a few friends there. His teacher tells me he gets along well with other kids, listens, and shares very nicely. Josh loves our new yard and wants to play out there all the time. He enjoys riding his police car and putting his friends in jail or writing very expensive tickets to me. In May, Joshua turned 4.
Jason is in the 4th grade. He already has made a few friends at his new school. In addition to riding his bike, he still likes to skateboard, and his new favorite is to heeley (sneakers with built in wheels.) He also still likes to read. Jason played fall soccer and did well. Jason bought his own Wii game system this year and enjoys playing the interactive games. Next week Jason will turn 10.
As for me, I cannot believe that I have been a mom for almost 10 years. I feel I have matured so much over the past ten years, yet still have so much to learn (and according to Jason I don’t know ANYTHING-LOL.) I love being a mom to Jason & Josh, they still amaze me everyday. I can’t believe the things I say as a mom (get the underwear off the ceiling fan tops it all this year.)
Personally, it was a tough winter for me as I slipped on some ice in Feb. and broke my ankle. It was tough, painful, and humbling, I had to ask for so much help. But you all helped me get through it.
And that brings me to my many blessings. We have a wonderful support system in all of you, a nice house, good food to eat, my in home daycare (now going into it’s 3rd year), and so much more, but what I am so grateful for is Jesus Christ who came to this earth 2000 plus years ago. He is the reason I am writing this letter and the reason for this upcoming season. His birth was amazing, but even more so is his death. He died so that you & I could have a way to know God personally. It is all so amazing. God loves you that much (and me too.) So I pray that your Christmas season is a blessed one and that you would take some time to learn more about why we celebrate the birth of a babe born in a manager.
I’d like to invite you to join us Christmas Eve at 6:00pm at Calvary Baptist Church on the corner of Lloyd Rd. and Church St. in Aberdeen, NJ or any Sunday at 10:30am. Hope to see you there!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

-Becky, Jason, & Joshua

Jason age 9 / Joshua age 4

back from ladies retreat

Hello! Fri. & Sat. I was away on a ladies retreat with my church. 49 ladies attended. It was amazing. The theme was Loving Well, it was about how God is love as oppossed to the love we know as an emotion. And how He wants to love us and all we need to do is accept is and make time to get replenished in Him. It was a very emotional and fun weekend. I am so glad I went. I also am so grateful my mom watched my kids. It was so nice to have a break from them. I got to spend some time with old friends and some new. Fri. night we had a huge pj party in the lobby (we had this wing of retreat center just for our group.) We played games, chatted, laughed, and cried together. It was great. Some of those ladies had some cute pj's (THANKS APRIL FOR BUYING NEW ONES JUST FOR THE RETREAT-LOL.)
This upcoming month is a very busy one (as I am sure it is for all of you.) I realize I have something scheduled every day this month. It is crazy. Mon.'s Jason has a standing doctors appointment. Tues. I have aerobics (and tomorrow after aerobics I have a daycare interview.) Wed. night we have church. Thur. night I schedule as family night and we play board games, except next Thur. I have a required daycare class. Next Mon(10th) is Jason's 10th birthday. This Fri. I am having a cookie swap after I drive Jason half way to meet his dad. Next Fri. is Jason's sleep over birthday party. Fri. 21st I am having daycare parents over for a small party. This Sat. I am face painting at a foster kids Christmas party, Sat. night I have my part time Christmas party. And every other Sat. I also babysit at night. Sun. we have church and relax.

But I did take Christmas Eve-Jan 2nd off as a holiday from work and we have no plans (except Christmas-lol!) But that week no work or school, no doctors or aerobics, no daycare classes, nothing work!!! (except being a mom-lol.) YEAH!!!!!!!

I pray you get to be calm and spend family time at least every Sunday this month.

At least my tree is up and my Christmas cards are out already. Now we will work on decorating the tree and making cookies. Yum!

-Becky (still crazy)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

to leave a comment

bring mouse over where it say comments with a number or 0, click it and leave me a comment with your name so I know who you are. Thanks!

Who are you?

Just wondering who if anyone is reading this blog. Please leave a comment if you are. Thanks so much! -Becky

Hello! I want to encourage you to go check out my friends blog and pray about donating anything. They are fundraising for an adoption. They are an awesome family. I went to high school with Courtney and we have remained in touch over the years. She has been a great friend and source of encouragement to me. Please consider donating to help bring Emmanuel home.

This is from there blog:

"UPDATE on Emmanuel
Very soon we will be getting Emmanuel's adoption decree. This will mean he is officially ours. Last we heard all that was needed was one more signature. We are very excited.

We are still $1000 short for adoption fees. We are asking for $10. If 100 people each give $10, we will reach our goal and be able to bring our sweet son home.

Can you spare $10 to help change a life forever?"
check them out. They have a week to raise another $1000. -Becky

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

so tired

I am so tired! I think going to bed at 12:00 and getting up at 6:00am is no good for me. I try to go to bed earlier, but it does not always work out. Although we do not have cable, which translates to almost no reception, I discovered I can watch ABC shows online for free. So I watch them all, even shows I think are inappropriate. I do not watch the bachelor or dancing with the stars or caveman or dirty sexy money, but watch Ugly Betty , Samantha Who? , Pushing Daises , Brothers & Sisters, private Practice, and sometimes even Desperate Housewives (if those ladies only knew how good they really had it-oh wait that's fake isn't it?)
I wish I was spending all that time with God, then I would at least be growing in Him, instead of my knowledge of tv characters. I don't think when I get to heaven that there will be a quiz on tv. I am not sure how I will explain to God that although He wanted to spend time with me, the tv was just more interesting. As a single mom I am supposed to be married to God, how do marriages work when you don't spend anytime together? I know what I need to work on. Why is everything else so more alluring than God who desperately wants to talk with me and loves me no matter what?

Dear Lord,
I pray that I would desire you over all other things and that I would give you the first and last part of my day. I pray for a hunger for your word and time with you. I pray for discipline over tv and food and to remove them as idols from my life.
In Jesus Name, Amen

Monday, November 26, 2007

crazy tree lady

last year we did not get our tree up until after Dec. 15th, so this year I wanted it up before then. Sat. night I went to get Jason half way from his dad's and I knew he would be tired but I still had to drag all the Christmas stuff from the attic. this was not easy, and because it was late I got cranky. Jason was so awesome, he was so helpful grabbing huge boxes from the attic. I hate to admit it but this made me miss my apartment with its storage room. I cringe every time I have to get up those rickety attic stairs and find something. Plus the light is out, not the light bulb the whole light does not work, it used too, but since using the microwave, computer, and toaster oven at the same time blew a circuit (again) the attic light will not work. Oh I will say it again, the joys of home ownership.

So we got our tree up with lights on, but no ornaments yet. this will wait till I am slightly less crazy. and this will be?

gotta go Josh is banging down bathroom door cause he has to go exactly the moment Jason got in there. go figure. -Becky

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Do we ever really grow up?

Me with my siblings, Eric 31 (in back), Samantha age 18, Kevin age 26, & me age 28

Three generations

My sister, Samantha age 18, my grandma age 84, & my mom

My mom & I after laughing hysterically. My mom is so AWESOME!! I love her so much!!!


Hello! Thanksgiving was good. Joshua & I slept in (Jason was at his dad's) and then we watched the parade. We made mashed potatoes, then we went to my mom's. My mom, stepfather, sister, brothers, grandma, and aunts were there. It was a nice day. I am so thankful for so many things. WE ARE SO BLESSED IN AMERICA! I have my boys, our health, our home, food, clothes. We especially have the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ who died and rose again for all of us. It is too amazing that He loves us that much, not just everyone but you & me. That's personal. He gives us all we have and for that I am so thankful.

New addition to our family

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our family. We believe our family is now complete. This beautiful piece of equipment joined our family last week. Maybe you can not understand our excitement, but it has been 4 years with no washer and dryer. Lugging clothes to mom's or laundry mat. Those days are gone! Yeah!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I made my kids sleep in there own room, in there own beds last night. Yeah to having my bed all to myself!


Hello! Saturday was a very nice day for me. I had a baby shower to go to. The shower was 1:00-5:00. So my mom said she would take the kids early so I could get ready. I slept until 10:00am, then hung out with the kids a little. Then they left with my mom at 11:30am. Then I took a shower and got dressed with no one bothering me. It was so great. I even got dressed up and put make up on. The baby shower was very nice. My pregnant friend looked so awesome. She is having her first baby. I also got to see some old friends I have not seen in a few years. It was nice to have adult conversations, even though most went like this, "How are the kids?" "fine." "How old are they now?" "9 & 4." etc., etc. Apparantly I am pretty boring. I also felt bad cause I had no pictures of the kids on me. I had some on my cell, but it's so tiny, oh and the screen is cracked in half (thanks Joshua.) I guess I figure I see them all the time, why do I need photos in my wallet.
I really did have a nice time though. Not having to worry about anyone else for a little bit is really nice to me. Then after the shower I went home to change then I went to work. Sat. nights I babysit for an awesome set of 7 year old twins. They are well behaved, polite, so creative, and actually fun. They listen to me so that helps. They were in bed and asleep by 8:00 (a mother's dream) and I got more quiet alone time until 9:30 when parents came home. This was the best day. Plus my mom kept the kids over night so I slept in house all alone all night. Pure bliss!
It really is the simple things that make me happy. Thanks mom! I really needed all that me time. -Becky

new shoes

Hello! I had the pleasure of taking Jason shoe shopping last night. After wearing a size 1 shoe for years, he now is a 3. He did not tell me and his poor toes were scrunching up in his old shoes. Well, this was an experience. I had work until 5:00, then we had a doctor's appointment till about 7:00, then shoe shopping. Well, Jason decided that everything I picked he did not like. When did this happen? He liked the skull and cross bone sneakers, I said no based on conviction. He threw a fit. Then he decided to get back at me and pick $40 and up shoes. I said no to that too. Finally he calmed down and I explained his price limit. He picked a pair of ugly hiking boots and even uglier sneakers. I am so used to just picking stuff out for him in his size. I guess this is over. The whole shopping trip brought back memories of shopping with my mom. Sorry for being so obstinate mom. I remember her trying to take me shopping and me emerging with only a mini skirt. I remember crying cause nothing I liked fit right. Is it payback time?
Mom's have all the fun! Oh wait this is not fun at all! -Becky

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Christmas wish list

just in case anyone is wondering, my Christmas list includes:

having friends and family over for a cookie swap ( I love time with other adults)
getting all my shopping done and wrapped
keeping my house clean
getting my holiday letter written and sent out
happy kids
me being calm
kids asleep by 9:30 every night
my closet being finished (I mean redone)
100 stamps (I like to send real letters)
new or used stackable washer and dryer

just felt the need to write this. thanks! -Becky


What do you want for Christmas?

my blog was not on my time

I finally figured out why my blog was always wrong when I typed about the time. It was not set for my time zone. Now the time below reflects when I am actually typing. Yeah!

This could be your gift to Jesus this year

Hello! I have another plea on behalf of my friends Courtney & Brian in Florida. They are once again fundraising for an adoption. Please read there blog and prayfully consider supporting them. These are real people. I went to high school with Courtney. Your donation could help a little boy have a chance at a better life. They are asking everyone to just donate $1, this is something we all can do. Thanks!

How God used my mistakes

Hello! God is the reason I get through each day. He gave me two awesome families, my family and my church. I have the best support system. It is not easy, somedays I think my kids don't deserve this. I get crazy and yell and say mean stuff. I give my best to others and take my stresses out on them. I am praying about this and I schedule fun time with them. I am real thankful for a fresh start each morning. I apologize to my kids when I sin, by yelling or say a bad word, etc. And God used this.
One day about a year and a half ago I had a good day with kids, but by 6:00 I still had so much more to do. After a while I lost it and yelled at my kids, well Jason asked me if it hurt when you died, and then I had to stop and talk with him, he said he wanted to give his life for Jesus he thought he actually had to die (and he was willing to do it!!!) and I said we don't die we just change our hearts, then he said he couldn't be perfect. But I was able to say Mommy is not perfect see I just yelled at you but God still wants me. How can God use my sin so that Jason would come to know Him? It was so awesome. And Jason gets it, he has a heart for the Lord. He has ADHD and his own issues, but he prays and reads his Bible and wants to give to others all the time. I am so proud of him, and again it's not me it's God. -Becky

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The internet certainly can be a dangerous place. Jason and I were looking up Smurf's online and what we found, shocks me. You can learn about the sexcapades of the smurfs and even see some pictures (not that we did or wanted to.) I am sorry, are children not starving to death in this world and people have the time and money to write about smurf's and even draw some pictures. Do they not realize smurf's are cartoon characters. Seriously, what??????????
Just a reminder to not let your kids online alone at all. Anything innocent can and will pop up some dirty stuff. Our kids do not need those images in there heads nor do I or you for that matter.
The internet can be good, but also evil, so evil. -Becky

Monday, November 12, 2007

In need of charm school

Hello! If you know me, you know for the most part, I say it like it is. Well, this is not always the best way to go I guess, because I have offended someone, and I am not even really sure what I said. My intent is not to hurt someone's feelings, but I really need to think before I speak as I do offend more than I'd like. The thing is I am always so busy that my mind is already thinking about what is next, so if you talk to me about something else it may throw my mind for a loop. I try to find ways to relax and rest. I remove things from our schedule, but it's still all too much. And if I am not busy, I am tired and then I don't even make sense when I talk.

What is the answer, since I do not have time for charm school, maybe I should not talk at all. Not very practical and besides then people will get offended when I do not answer them. I can't win. I will just try to think and pray before I speak, so if I'm talking to you excuse the pause before I answer you.

Why does life have to be so hard???????? -Becky sad at 9:00am

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Garage sale

Well, yesterday I was up at 6:30 getting stuff ready for and setting up yard sale. Weather looked questionable, but no rain. Well we had about 10 customers. My aunt made $22, I made $16. My mom & sister helped us as well. So 4 people working from 8:00am-2:00pm. 6 hours of work, not really worth so little money. But I got lots of stuff gone from my house. Plus I got lots of exercise lugging stuff to sell yesterday. And I have a baby shower to go to on Sat., so the $16 is for a gift (I bought a pack of diapers and wipes.) And I spent time with my aunt, mom, sister, and Grandmother (who made good chicken soup for lunch.)
I am not sure if I think garage sales are worth it. Last time we had one I made about $85 and my mom about $60. This was not too bad. But my friend does yard sales for an organization she fund raises for and at her last sale she made about $1400 after expenses. Now this was for selling Fri., & Sat. So two days of work plus all the prep work. Now that is worth it. But I never have that much to sell. I'd rather freecycle the stuff.
Now I need to come up with a new way to save for a dryer. I work Mon.-Fri. from 6:50am-5:30 pm, so a second job nights is out of the question (plus I have no sitter.) Most Saturdays I babysit at night, but this is now our food money. I am going to try and sell some stuff on eBay. I will let you know how it works.


Saturday, November 10, 2007


Hello! I just had a dream that some guy tried to kill me so I called my friend and she came and got me and then we drove over a bridge that was out, so we landed in the water with all four of our kids in the car. We saved the kids then I saved our purses and cash. We landed in low tide so we walked out of water, but were stranded on an island. It turned out guy trying to kill me was only in love with me (stalker) and arranged for us to be stuck on that island so he could rescue us after he sent lobster. WEIRD!!!! -Becky

p.s. it's 7:00am on Saturday and I have already been up 1/2 an hour, even weirder!!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

This could be your gift to Jesus this year

Hello! I have another plea on behalf of my friends Courtney & Brian in Florida. They are once again fundraising for an adoption. Please read there blog and prayfully consider supporting them. These are real people. I went to high school with Courtney. Your donation could help a little boy have a chance at a better life.

Thanks! -Becky

So I guess I am addicted to blogging too

Hi! I just had an experience that I thought, I need to go home and blog about that. I was taking Jason half way to meet his dad (my mom agreed to watch Joshua so he would not fall asleep in car and be up until midnight again.) Anyway, we went to McDonald's for dinner (forget that I can't afford to eat out or that McDonald's is so bad for us) but I ordered a $1.00 cheeseburger and asked for extra pickle. I love their pickles. Well, I checked and it had 1 pickle on it (Jason pointed out that it was a large pickle), so I asked the cashier how many pickles do they usually come with. She said she did not know and she was not nice. I am sorry I bothered her. I guess I feel if I am paying, even if it's only a dollar I should have it my way. Wait's that Burger King's slogan, but I've also not had it my way there as well. I feel like the stores and restaurants don't care about my business any more and are not accommodating or polite. What happened to customer service? Am I crazy (well, I know I am, but about this?)
Is this a reminder that I do not need to be spending my money on fast food or putting it into my or my kid's bodies? (I forget how sick I was 2 weeks ago on KFC.)
I think I will write a letter to McDonald's, I wonder how far that will get me.
I know it's just a pickle to two that was missing, but it's more than that to me. It's about kindness and decency, about customers rights and... OK it's really just about the pickle. I LOVE PICKLES. -Becky

new budget

Hello! Below is my new budget. It is very tight and leaves no room for spending, which as we all know is impossible. But God is still so good in that I can pay all bills, still tithe, save, and give a small offerring. We still are SO blessed! He will work out the small details.

I can not advertise for a new daycare child as I have no room in the car for anymore kids. I can fit J*** properly in seat in back, D*** properly in seat in back, and Joshua in his booster seat. Jason fits up front. I have been putting Joshua in front seat with 3 daycare kid's in the back and I just don't feel good about this, as this is the most dangerous seat in the car. So I either need a mini van or someone to take and pick up Joshua Tues., Wed., Thur., & Fri. to preschool, which is not likely. As long as I do not lose anymore daycare kids or child support we should be ok until end of June. We actually are still better than ok, we have our health, a nice house, a nice yard, plenty of food, toys, books, a wash machine, a car, a microwave, two tv's, a vcr, 2 half broken dvd players (don't ask-lol), arts and crafts stuff, warm clothes, heat, running water, hot water, a fridge, ice. SO MUCH! THANK YOU GOD!!!! I am reminded of a missionary I met who told me of a little boy that all he wanted was a ride in a car, and another child who wanted to taste ice. How spoiled are we?
What are your blessings? -Becky

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

please answer this question

Does seeing my budget drive you crazy? Is it helpful to anyone. I have to make a new budget to adjust to losing one daycare child. Wondering if I should post it here. -Becky
ps-pray as I do create a new budget. thanks!


Hello! I am so sad. One of my daycare kids is leaving in 2 weeks. He has been in my daycare over 2 years. I love him like family. He is leaving cause since I moved he lives 30 min away and mom is finding it is just too far away from her. I understand, but will the new daycare love this boy like I do? I have such a heart for kids. This is not just a job to me.
I also can not afford to lose the $560 a month I will be losing. This is 25% of my income. This stinks. Every time I think my money is ok, something changes. I trust God and am so blessed, but still this is stress. I want to save and give an offering every month. Now I do not think I will be able to do this. I am not getting child support from Jason's dad either. Every time he changes jobs we don't see money for months. I know God already has it all worked out, but it's still hard and sad. I will see this family as they now go to the same church as I do, so this makes me fel better. My job is strange this way as it is emotional and personal. These are kids and this little boy has become part of my family. Just wanted to share. Thanks! -Becky

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This could be your gift to Jesus this year

Hello! I have another plea on behalf of my friends Courtney & Brian in Florida. They are once again fundraising for an adoption. Please read there blog and prayfully consider supporting them. These are real people. I went to high school with Courtney. Your donation could help a little boy have a chance at a better life.

Thanks! -Becky

Monday, November 5, 2007

Christmas craziness

Hello! It is really hard not to get sucked into all this buy Buy BUY !!! hype for Christmas. I only get my boys a few small gifts, but I like to buy gifts for others. My Christmas budget of still left to buy is $460, plus the $300 I already spent.
I like to send out cards with a nice holiday letter and photo; cards and photos are bought. Still need to get stamps. I send out about 100 cards. I send to my family, some of Jason's family, some of Josh's family, and my church family. This is a me thing, I really enjoy doing it.
I also like to get little gifts for daycare kids, postal woman, teachers (my kids have six total teachers, Jason has three, Josh has three-how can I say one is more valuable than the other?) I spend about $10 on each teacher.
Then I get my aunts, and my grandmother something little (already bought.) I get my friends a little something, like for $5. I buy for my mom, stepfather, sisters, and brother (I can not leave them out.) Plus we buy for Jason's dad, stepmom, and sisters (already have there gifts.) I also buy for Josh's cousins on his dad side and his aunt, but small $10 gifts. I also like to buy for my niece & nephew. And I like to have a cookie swap each year (so much fun.)
No one in my family, except my boys gets a gift more than $25, yet I still seem to be spending so much. And it is hard not to add this and that at each store. I like to make gifts, but even these have costs of supplies and time (plus space needed to store.) Time & space I do not have alot of.
I can't believe I will spend about $800 when Christmas is said and done. That seems like so much, but I am so thankful for everyone in my life and want them to know it. This amount includes all cards, decorations, and holiday food, so I know many spend much more. I have heard of parents spending $500-$1000 per kid, this is like WHAT???? I spend no more than $100 per child. Still, I feel sucked in and want to buy them the IPod (Jason) and Digital Camera (Josh) they want. I will not buy, as they have no need for these grown up items. I actually got Jason a DVD set of these awesome Christian cartoons he likes. This at least helps us to remember Jesus.
We also are making boxes for kids through Samaritan's Purse to be delivered to poor kids as Christmas gifts. I want my kids to think about others more.
I think the more we think about others, the less we think about ourselves.

How are your holiday plans going? Did you remember to schedule some activities to focus on Jesus? The gifts will long be forgotten,but Jesus will last an eternity. -Becky

Sunday, November 4, 2007

my blog is really confused about the time change. I wrote last blog about 7:00 at night, not 2:30. Weird.
It's now 9:30. Josh is asleep. Jason is not. He is in bed though. We just watched the movie Wild Hogs. It was funny and stupid. A few too many bad words. But Jason liked it. I am glad we got to relax together without Joshua. I feel I spend way too little time with Jason. And when I do spend time with him I am so busy and stressed I yell at him or don't really listen to him. I try to not do this. I am so thankful that God gives us a fresh start each morning (just wish morning was at about 10:00 am-lol.) Goodnight -Becky

Hello! It is Sunday and we turned our clocks back last night. I worked late and then could not fall asleep so I just wasted that extra hour. I think it was around 2:30 am when I finally was able to go to sleep, or was it 1:30 with the time change. Then in morning I had no idea what time it was. I thought I turned all my clocks before bed, I guess I thought about it but did not actually do it. So we were still late for church. I want to be on time, but it rarely happens.
We did not have our garage sale yesturday as it was bad weather. Hopefully we can have this upcoming Saturday. I need to make some money to buy a stackable washer and dryer. I also will be putting some stuff on ebay. I can't believe how much stuff I have gotten rid of since July and how much stuff we still have. God blesses us so.
My aunt is also trying to make some money as she wants to use it to visit her granddaughter in Oklahoma. So pray for nice weather on Saturday and lots of customers!!!

Today my cousin came over with her two kids after church for lunch, this was nice. We looked at some houses online as my cousin is trying to buy her first house. It is so exciting.
Jason and Josh have been playing with legos and a train set (independently not together) for about an hour, I really like down time, we get so little of it. I am heating up some chicken for dinner. Even though I am still full of lunch and candy (today all the left over candy is gone though, not that much as we ate alot. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!)

I hope to have both boys in bed by 9:00, so I can talk to my friend on the phone. I have a new friend that I met on eharmony on Aug. 3rd. He lives in Nebraska, but is very nice to talk to. We talk via email, phone, and written letters, but we have never actually met. This is weird cause it is hard to see what a person is really like in real world circumstances, but I think it is nice to talk about God and stuff that has nothing to do with kids (he has none.) I like to act like a grown up now and again. Hanging out with 4 year olds all day really doesn't foster that.

I am glad this weekend I got to relax a little each day. It's good since we have an activity every night this week. Mon. is doctor's, Tues. I am going to an aerobics class, Wed. is church, Thur. we will stay home and have family night, and Fri. I am driving Jason half way to his dad's. Saturday will be garage sale. I do not have to work this Sat. though so that will be nice. Saturday will also be food shopping. I am trying to make Sundays about just relaxing and quick straighten of house for next day.

Well, my boys are fighting, quiet never lasts too long at my house. -Becky

Friday, November 2, 2007

Mr. Incredible

Still coming off the sugar high

We made it through halloween. Joshua was Mr. Incredible. Jason was a skateboarder. Joshua did not want to go trick or treating. Jason went with his friends. He came home hyped up, then was cranky, guessing from all the empty candy wrappers in his bag he was coming down from a sugar rush. I guess I forgot to tell him not to eat any candy till I check it (aka- eat my favorites first-lol.)
Joshua stayed on the porch in regular clothes and handed out candy. He went to two houses, his friends and my grandmothers house. He likes to play in his costume so no big deal. We had over one hundred trick or treaters. We handed out one hundred tracks attached to candy or cheese doodles. I pray someone reads and are interested in learning more about God. Last year I had only two trick or treaters. What a diference to have so many this year. Around 4:30 I had to go to the store and get more, yikes. Next year hopefully I will be more prepared. But then I'll probably get like ten kids.
I did not get a picture of Jason as he got home after dark.
I am going to get rid of all the left over candy this weekend or eat it all, have not decided yet. My kids can have 5 pieces each, now that's setting a good example (I get 25, they get 5- that's fair, right?) -Becky

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I wanted to share my deck as I am so glad it's done (until spring when it gets stained.) The gas line picture isn't that so lovely? -Becky

my new deck railings

this is what $385 looks like

Feeling better

Hello! I am finally feeling better. What a way to jump start my wanting to eat better than not eating for 2 days. Actually I did eat some crackers and toast and lots of red gatorade. When I am sick I NEED red gatorade, but I find it is addicting! I will not even buy it again unless I am sick again.
My first goal is to start drinking 8 glasses of water a day and to write down everything I eat. I will use this blog to keep myself accountable and will let you know if I am meeting my weekly goals. I do not want to diet, but focus more on God not on food. Thanks! -Becky

Monday, October 29, 2007


Warning gross. I was so ill yesturday. At Sat. conference I bought a tuna sandwhich and then for dinner I had KFC. Not a good combo, my stomach rejected it. EWWWW!!! Anyway I have been praying alot about eating better and exercising more and being aware of my eating. I thought I might fast a day to get myself to focus more on God, well he must have agreed cause I could not eat anything yesturday and today I do not wish to try. Funny how sometimes God finds a way to make us take notice. I know I need to lose weight, so please pray that I could focus on God more and eat when hungry and seek Him when I am emotional. Thanks! -Becky

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hello! It's 1:00. The kids are resting. It is so chilly today, I miss that unusual warm weather we had last week. I usually love fall weather, but today is damp and cold. Especially not a good day for drying laundry on the line. AHHHHHHH!!! Three days of rain. Last night I hung clothes all over when I went to bed, bathroom, kitchen chairs, my baby gate. It was hillarious. Some are still not dry. So if you come over excuse my unmentionables hanging from the ceiling (I am not kiddding.)

The other day I watched the movie Miss Potter with Renee Zell something. It's about the life of Beatrix Potter the woman who wrote the tales of Peter rabbit and so many more stories. Very good movie. Uplifting and moving. I like movies that are based in different centuries. At 32, because Miss Potter was unmarried she could not go out without another woman or her father present. How much better would our world be if they still did this? I would have avoided some mistakes.

Tonight I am driving Jason half way to meet his dad. He is finally resuming visits after 3 months of his dad being unavailable. Not sure what is going on there, please pray though as I have not gotten all my child support for Oct yet. I wish I could live with out this money, but I can not.

Tomorrow I am going to a Christian Ministries Convention to learn how to be better in my role at church with the children on Wed. evening. The convention is 8:30am-4:00, and it is an hour away. A few others from my church are also going, so I will not be alone. My friend, Monica is watching Joshua. I will not be working at night and will spend special time with Joshua when I get home. He wants to go to KFC. What fun! I don't really like fried chicken, but they have great biscuits.

Sunday will be church, then a nap, then the fall festival at my church 4:30-6:30, then get Jason, then everyone to bed. I feel like my weekends are busier than my weeks. I have to schedule a nap so I can relax a few minutes. I am sure you can relate? Try to get a nap in yourself!!!

Have a great weekend! -Becky

Thursday, October 25, 2007

proud of myself

Hello! Today the gas was shut off so I had to relight the pilot on my stove on my own. I did it. I am so proud of myself. I also just went into my attic for the second time and got some more fall / winter clothes down. No big deal, but for me it is. I am proud of myself for small victories.
Too bad only about 10% of the clothes from last year fit me. That is a whole other issue that I wish to work on soon.
But my boys do not really need anything for fall, so that's good.
It's off to put these clothes away now. Have a good night! -Becky

more unexpected expenses

I wanted to put in a stackable washer and dryer (no room for two appliances in my laundry spot) but the gas line was not long enough and the outlet is only a 110 volt (an electric unit needs a 220 volt.) So I just had the gas line extened to a tune of 385 dollars. I had $500 saved for a used washer dryer unit, but now I have to wait to get one until I can save up more money. I am torn as I have my freedom account fully funded for one year (this is an account that I contribute a set amount each month to cover all expenses that come up during the year, but not monthly -i.e-oil changes, car registartion, AAA membership, Christmas, my glasses, and a few other things.) I could use this money to buy a washer dryer unit but then the account would be empty again. At least I did not have to use a credit card (which I do not have) to get the gas line.

So in 2 months I have spent (to move):
moving truck $200 (including gas and misc. for moving day)
emergency plumber $187
deck and new shelves $400
gas line extended $385

I will have to spend more to get washer / dryer unit about $600 used, $1200 new

still with the total of $2372 including the new washer dryer unit, this is still less than it cost me to move into my apartment three years ago with security deposit of $1800 and first months rent of $1200, and now I will have my own washer and dryer.
I am glad I have had all the money so far. Now I just need to save up for my washer / dryer unit now. Pray for the rain to let up so I can use my clothes line again to dry my clothes.(I have a washer just not a dryer.)

God is so good to be teaching me all about having a home and what that entails without a mortgage. -Becky

Friday, October 19, 2007

joys of home ownership (sort of)

Hello! On Aug. 18th I moved into my grandmother's house. She retired to AZ. I am so blessed as she graciously only charges me her costs of taxes and insurance and water and sewer. So I pay $500 a month. But with that comes more responsibility. She is not making any money off me living here. So yesturday we needed an emergency visit from a plumber. It was to the tune of $187.25. Completely unexpected to me, but thankfully I have $500 saved for a dryer so I will take part from there and pay myself back. I guess we will hang the clothes outside a bit longer than I wanted. I am so thankful to God that I had the money, and that it is still less than my $1240 a month rent was for the past 3 years.
Actually the plumbing problem probably would not have happened if I did not have five people using the toilet about four times a day each. (Remember it's me, Jason age 9, Josh age 4, and two 4 year old daycare children that use the potty, one daycare child is still in diapers.) It is an old house. But that is fixed, thankfully. My grandmother said I could take it off the rent, but honestly I don't feel right doing that. So that is that.

Next big expense yesturday was deck stuff. Because I run a licensed daycare center from my home I have to comply with all state laws. My deck was not in compliance with such, so all railings and spindles needed to be replaced. So I got some free labor coming tomorrow (THANK GOD) some guys from my church and my stepfather. I am praying it does not rain. But the wood just to fix railings and stairs was $300.00. Yikes. This was defanitly not my grandmother's responsibility because the deck was fine for her, just not for daycare. Fortionately, I was expecting this and had saved for it. I am just so grateful I do not have to pay for labor.
So I am learning home ownership (I do not actual own this place but feel while I am here it is mine to properly care for) is full of unexpected expenses. This is a good lesson in case I ever actually own a home of my own.
It is all still so exciting though to be in a home and to love it and be making it my own. It feels good. Again God is so good.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Field Trip

Friday we went on a field trip. My kids had no school (in service day) and so I took them and daycare kids (plus some others joined us) for a great day of a hayride, pumpkin picking, corn maze, and apple picking. We also saw turkey's and honeybees. We got a tour from the farm owner who actually lives on this farm. It was a great fall day. We all had a blast. Only some of us finished that corn maze (Jason & his friend.) We also played on farm playground. I love fall and this was a great way to start fall this year. If you want to order your Thanksgiving turkey this year call Lee Turkey Farm Phone 609-448-0629 or check out there website Or if you want to go on a hayride, or other fun fall suff check them out. You will be supporting a family farm if you do. Happy Fall! -Becky

Apple picking

My finances

I just ran across a Christian website of someone trying to get of debt and live debt free. I shared my expenses and income and wanted to share with you.
With God all things are possible!!!!!!!!!

A bit about my finances:
I am self employed, I run a daycare out of my home to avoid daycare costs myself. I drive a 1992 Dodge Shadow that was $500. I save for what I want. I follow many of Mary Hunt's ideas, and I work in my daycare Mon.-Fri. from 6:50am-5:30pm.(plus after hours cleaning and next day prep) Now I just moved and my rent was $1240, I paid this for three years with 4 or 5 daycare kids, but now I am living in my grandmother's house (a blessing from God). I also work a part time job Sat. nights for spending money
my budget:

child support $544
daycare children (3) $1530
food for daycare $200
total $2274.00

tithe to my church $230.00
savings for emergencies $200.00
offering $200.00
rent $500.00
car insurance $100.00
gas for car $120.00
boys allowance $52.00
freedom account $100.00 (for yearly expenses, like car registration, glasses, AAA, oil changes, etc)
gas & electric bills $180.00
phone & online $70.00
business insurance $30.00
business supplies $50.00
food $250.00 (for whole house and daycare breakfast, lunch, & snacks)
non groceries $20.00
spending $100.00
Wed. night dinners $32.00
someone to get Josh $40.00
total $2274.00

Sat. night I work babysitting. I make $55, I tithe and use for spending (like school fundraisers, birthday and baby gifts, snack at school money,etc) (I only work 2 times a month)
now my budget does not include clothes (I ask at birthdays and holidays), which growing kids need, or vacations (we don't go), or alot for food $250 a month does not go too far with 3 people in home, and 3 daycare kids. Also I do not have a car repair fund, but if have to will use my savings. I have $2500 in savings for emergencies, and $1200 in my freedom account (one year's worth of stuff.) I also have $500 saved for a dryer which we do not have. I am now saving to repaint my house in the spring and for car repairs (savings for these will resume after Christmas.) For Christmas my boys will get three gifts each and we will make others gifts. We will not spend more than $300, including cards, cookies, etc, which will come from freedom account. This does not include any savings for the future (like college & retirement), this will have to come later.

Also I pay taxes but with my refund, so I still get a refund (because of head of household and earned income credit). I will get about $3300, this will go towards:
tithe $330
offering $200 (star 99.1 and our sponser child family gift)
life insurance $400
great adventure season passes $300
summer and possible vacation $2000 (I work less in summer to be here more for my kids)
ALL OF THIS IS POSSIBLE BECAUSE OF GOD. He has blessed us so much!!!

It has taken me many years to get to this. When I was in my apartment and paying $1240 a month in rent I was not saving or giving much offering, but I have always tithed (since shortly after becoming a Christian) because it does not belong to me, it all belongs to GOD. Who am I to get $100 from Him and keep it all when all He askes for is $10 back.

If you want to discuss fianances or have me pray about yours I will be happy to do so, send me an email or comment. -Becky R in NJ

Monday, October 8, 2007

Day off

Hello! Today is Columbus Day. Thanks Chris, I like America alot!
I took a day off as I thought my kids would be off from school, but they were not. So I slept in this morning. Got Jason off to school. Relaxed and watched tv with Joshua, and brought Joshua to school. I went to an appointment and then I went to Kohl's to spend a birthday gift certificate. Wow! Me in a store alone. I was overwhelmed. I wondered aimlessly, not sure what to do with myself. It was NICE! Then I went to get Josh from school and he watched a movie and then I took a nap. I couldn't belive he let me and that I was so tired. Are you shocked? I spent the day doing nothing. Very unlike me. But so needed.
I just helped Jason finish his homework and book report. And now dinner is cooking. Jason has been doing so good at school and he got all his work done so quickly that I let him play his video game, a rare treat on a weekday. So basically we watched way too much tv today. I guess I really could not live without my tv. Tonight I will do a devotion with the boys. They really enjoy this devotion book I got. Then showers and bed. I hope I will be able to fall asleep after all that relaxing.
Life is good. Thanks God for letting me have some down time and not feeling guilty (well not that guilty-lol)
-Becky at 6:30 pm (time below is wrong)

Friday, October 5, 2007


to the right is me, fresh out of the shower (hence the wet hair) how do I look now that I am 28? I think pretty much the same as when I was 27-lol

Tragedy to two families

Hello! One of the boys on Jason's soccer team's father was killed in a motorcycle accident on Monday. They live in Navesink. The boy's name is also Jason, please pray for his mom & him. Dad was only about 45 years old. Also pray for the 44 year old woman who hit and killed him all on accident. What a burden she will carry all for making a turn without fully paying attention, how many times have we all done this? In one second two families lives were torn apart. It is a reminder how fleeting it all is and what we really need to be focusing on. Not the to do list or messy house, but on God and trying to tell others about Him, all while growing in Him ourselves and growing in our families. I may get annoyed when Jason & Josh want 5 more minutes of cuddle time or just one more story, but really what is a better way to spend my time anyway? By loving them more I show them more of God's love. This is a hard lesson for me. I want to do everything that I get so busy just to be. God help me to be able to relax, and have fun with the boys you have given me. -Amen!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Please Help Me Help Them- WALK FOR LIFE

Hello! I am walking in Solution Pregnancy Center's (formerly HELPING HAND) Walk For Life, again this year. Please donate to help me help them. Solutions has personally helped me when I was pregnant with Jason.
You can donate by clicking on link below, or emailing me with a pledge amount and your address and Solutions will bill you after the walk.My goal is to raise $500.00!!! Help me do that, even if you can only donate $1.00, every little bit helps!!!donate


send an email pledge and your address

THANKS SO MUCH! -Becky Rivera

Another day

Hello! Just another ordinary day here. But God is so extraordinary. He is showing me things that are hard but I need to hear about my home being a safe haven for my kids to really see Him. It is hard to be a mom and be responsible for the spiritual upbringing of my kids. I can not get it right for myself. Thank God for His love and grace. It is hard to just be a mom with all the ordinary stuff, laundry, cooking (still working on that one-thank God for my microwave-lol), cleaning (again a work in progress), homework, getting to school on time, bedtime, showers, everything. But I am being reminded that all that stuff is not top of the line, it's not even second. This is what God wants my priorites:
1) God and my walk with Him
2) My boys and there walk with Him
my relationship with mom, dads, sisters, and brothers
3) My job (in home daycare) and giving 100% at my job all the time because God is always watching, and teaching daycare kids about Him
4) My role in Teamkid's Time at church, praying for teachers and kids and preparing for each week and reaching out to encourage those teachers and kids
friends and relationships outside of immediate family

honestly my list looks like this:

my boys
my family
my job
Teamkid's Time


I know I need to work on this. I want to put God first. When I do my day runs more smoothly and I am calmer. This is how I will ultimately teach my boys by setting the right example. And as I have learned the hard way God's ways are the only right ways.

It is just hard, and I think I need to remember walking with God is not always easy and when I am not comfortable I am growing and this is all I can hope for until I meet Him face to face one day. Hopefully my list will resemble His list much more by then.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

quick answered prayer

Praise God!!! Heather (Ethan's mom) got an internship that is paid, she starts Tues. God is amazing! -Becky

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hello! Happy Birthday to all the Sept. birthdays:

Aunt Barbara

and anyone else


Hello! I am so excited. I love the fall. I love the cool nights, crisp air, falling leaves. I love how the leaves change so many beatiful colors. I love my birthday (Oct. 3rd.) I will be 28 this year. I feel 50 sometimes and 18 others. I am so excited as we are starting a new year of our Wed. evening children's program at church tomorrow night. We have lots of help and I am so grateful.
I also am glad my boys are settleing in at school. Joshua is doing better with his after school crankiness. Jason is doing all his work and eating school lunch in the school lunchroom. Thank God for small victories. Thank God for large victories. Thank God for everything!!!


Friday, September 14, 2007

Walk For Life Fundraiser

Hello! I am walking in Solution Pregnancy Center's (formerly HELPING HAND) Walk For Life, again this year. Please donate to help me help them. Solutions has personally helped me when I was pregnant with Jason. You can donate by clicking on link below, or emailing me with a pledge amount and your address and Solutions will bill you after the walk.
My goal is to raise $500.00!!! Help me do that, even if you can only donate $1.00, every little bit helps!!!

donate online:

send an mail pledge and your address to:

THANKS SO MUCH! -Becky Rivera

Thursday, September 13, 2007

need socks?

Hello! I found this Christian company who sells great deals on socks & t-shirts. I have ordered from them 2 times already. My most recent order was for 6 dozen pairs of adult and kids socks with shipping my total was less than $40. I am not working for this company or getting anything for telling you about them I just wanted to share them with you. -they have adults and kids ankle, tube, even dress socks & more. We think the quality is good.


Monday, September 10, 2007

I did it!

I did it, I mowed my first lawn. Thank God for small victories. I had help from my mom, Scott, and Jason, but I did alot of it. It may not be a big deal, but it was my first time. It feels good when I can do things. Anyway I can't wait to have my first barbque (except I need a grill for that.)
Jason went back to school and made a friend today. Joshua made a friend as well. Maybe now he will start being a little nicer. I am so excited for them. -Becky

Saturday, September 8, 2007

I am giving this testimony at my church tomorrow

I wanted to come up and let you know what God has been revealing to me over this year. Most of you know me, for those of you who do not my name is Becky R. I am a single mom to two great boys and I came to know the Lord almost 8 years ago through Solutions with Lorrie E.

I have struggled a lot over the years with many things, but everyone here has always been so kind and caring and helpful. And even though God provided for all my needs sometimes I was too proud to let my church family know of needs I had.

Some of you know in Feb. I broke my ankle. This was completely devastating to me as I watch children in my home, and needed the income from this, plus I was living on the third floor in my apartment building. I was in a lot of pain and unsure of how I would get through the next six weeks.

God already knew. He had it all planned. Everyday, either my mom or someone from this church came to watch the daycare children, care for my children, cook meals, clean, and encourage me. I sat on my couch unable to get up yet still trying to, thinking and praying to God that these are my kids and they are my responsibility. I felt so guilty imposing on others time. I had to ask for more help than I’ve ever asked for. I could not even shower with out help in the beginning, how humbling.

Somewhere along the way it clicked, God told me that one, it could be worse, this was only a temporary and that two, “He told me, no, they are not your kids, they are my kids, and I gave you these people to help you care for them” What a different perspective. I finally got it. I can’t do it alone, none of us can. But that’s ok.

God further reminded me of this during my move 3 weeks ago when over 20 people showed up to help me move, paint, and more. And I am not sure about those involved but I felt such peace on my move day.

Whatever your situation, single or married, without Him we are nothing, but also He put us here at Calvary Baptist Church to care for each other’s lives, to laugh and cry together, to be His body. And for this and for you I am so grateful.Thank you for allowing me to share this with you, and thank you for being part of our life.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Back to school

Well, the boys started school on Wed. It's sad to see the summer go. Joshua started preschool. His teacher says he is great in class but after class he is so mean to me. I think all the changes are frustrating for him. Jason came home with a fever, sore throat, and headache. This caused him to miss day 2 & 3. Poor kid, he actually layed in bed Thur. and slept. Today he was much better though.
My first week back to work went well. My body is not too happy about getting up early again and I am having a hard time getting to sleep, but it will start to fall into place soon (I hope.)
Tomorrow we have a church meeting for our Wed. evening church program which begins Wed.
Plus I have my part time job at night. Sometime this weekend I have to clean house, mow the lawn (my first time ever), go food shopping, and do my next week daycare prep. And try and relax, which will not happen tomorrow. Oh well, sorry for the boring post. Going to do my meeting prep and then get to bed. -Becky

Monday, September 3, 2007

Joshua swimming

Jason fishing

Back from camping

Hello! We got back from a camping trip last night. We had a blast. Jason enjoyed riding his bike all over the campgroud and fishing. Joshua enjoyed swimming and smores. Tomorrow we are back to work full time (my in home daycare.) I have two little boys, ages 4 and almost 3. This will not be too stressful. I am excited to start our preschool curriculum.
Jason will start 4th grade on Wed. Joshua will start preschool. They are looking forward to school. I am not looking forward to getting up in am, but will quickly get over it. Hope your holiday weekend was great! -Becky

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to the world

I finally have internet back at my new house. It felt like I was cut off from the world-lol. We have unpacked alot and are enjoying the last few days of summer. Tomorrow we are going to get everything else we need for school which starts next Wed. Thur. is my last day at work with the autistic kids. I will miss them. Fri., Sat. & Sun. we are going camping. Mon. is a end of summer barbque slash birthday celebration at my mom's. My mom, sister, aunt, brother, cousin, and grandma all have Sept. birthdays. Yikes. I hope they all like my signature gift, a nice photo of my kids. I know my mom loves to get that. Tues. my in home daycare will resume for full time. I have two boys enrolled for full time. I am excited.
Over the past few days both my sons father's have been going through some hard times. I would ask that you pray for them. Jason's dad's name is Jason, he and his wife need encouragement as it seems they have been hit with many hard blows including illness and unemployment in the
past year and with an extremely pressing legal issue last week. Joshua's dad's name is Jose. He is out of work on temp. disability due to back injury and may need surgery. He also is on a break with his girlfriend and seems very sad about this. Please lift them up in your prayers. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We moved in!!!

Hello! Here it is Wed. 4 days since we moved. We got all the stuff in, but now I have to put it all away. This will take a few months-lol. Saturday was the most beautiful day ever. It was calm and cool, not a typical summer day but we were so grateful. I had about 20 people helping from my family and church. It was so awesome to see how God provides for me, it is not just enough it is more than enough.
I actually feel at home already. It is so weird, and hard to explain but I feel so calm.
One thing driving me crazy is I have no internet at home until the end of the month. I am typing this at my mom's.
Well, I have to type some stuff so I have to make this short. Enjoy your day! -Becky

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Friday!!!

1 more day to go!!!!! Tomorrow at 8:00 am we are moving. We have painting to do today at the new house. My dad is here to help with painting, he is so good at it. I am so blessed to have so much help! Internet is going until Monday, I will be so lost. Keep us in our prayers! -Becky

ps- update Monica got valid co for new house, thanks for your prayers

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

3 days to go!!!

Hello! It is late Wed. night. I did not have to work (for money today.) But I sure did work. My awesome mom took the kids to the park and then to her house so I had 5 hours to pack. I finished my room (about 99 % any way.) I am exhausted. I also did my closet and 3/4 of Jason's room. He and I are going to work up there in the morning for an hour then go to pool before I have to go to work tomorrow. We did get to jump in the pool after dinner (dinner at my mom's again, thanks for the yummy shrimp Mom.) Then we got to watch some of Beethovan 3. We rented 1-3 at the library cause we don't get anymore channels on tv since I cancelled the service. It is nice, we go to the library once a week and get a few free movies and best part no commercials. The movies are cute, they are about a St. Bernard dog. They are old, but my kids have never seen them. Very family friendly, no bad words, nudity, or even overly rude kids.
Joshua and I finally finished The Mouse and the Motorcycle. I am surprised but each night while I read he stayed quiet so I could finish each chapter (that's my rule, if you talk I am done, Joshua loves to talk-me to-lol.)
As I have been packing I am reminded of how blessed my family is. We have so many clothes, toys, and books. We have never gone hungry and God allows that all our bills get paid. Actually having to get about 50 boxes to pack up all this stuff has further reminded me of how much we truely have and how others have so little. I will ask that you once again to pray for our sponser child, his parents make a combined income of $70 a month. They live in a hut with a bamboo roof. I am sure they would not need 50 plus boxes if they needed to move. I am glad we can be part of his life through Compassion Child.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

4 days to go!!!

Hello! I just got home from my teaching assistant job. I am tired, but my mom took the boys so I have to pack. Tonight is the front hallway closet and finish the upstairs. Tomorrow is my room (so much in there left to do.) But I can do this. I got more boxes so I will be ok for tonight at least. How can three people have so much stuff? I am giving or throwing away so much so it's still too much. We are so blessed!!!
So many people have offered to help Sat. Again we are so blessed! Pray for no rain. Pray for no injuries. Ok, it's back to work for me -Becky

Monday, August 13, 2007

Taking a break for FUN

Hello! We just got back from playing mini golf. We went to this cute golf course built and run by students of a local high school. The admission is only $1.50 per child, but we had 2 buy one get one free admission tickets from library reading program. So it was $4.50 for 5 kids to play. Then after each child got an ice pop and chips (or some combination of snacks) for $2.50. We brought drinks from home. For $7.00 seven of us (moms included) had 2 hours of fun, except towards the end when the boys were having too much fun and girls were appalled at the boy humor. Why are bathroom topics so funny to them?

On the ride home I found about 20 awesome boxes on someones garbage, looked they just moved in. I was about to go buy some I needed more, I had to call Monica to get some because they would not all fit in my car.
Now on to more packing. More later... -Becky

Jason & Peter in background

Joshua doing his "Oh yeah" dance after scoring in mini golf

It's 5 days to go

5 days until we move. today as you go about your day please pray for a friend of mine she is in great need especially today! Thanks! I will update later. -Becky

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Hello! I am moving Saturday! That is 6 days away. I am so not ready. I NEED BOXES! I need to pack so much stuff!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!
On a good note I have help on Sat. My youth pastor, my dad, and a few other men from church will be here Sat. at 8:00 am. I have the truck reserved and the money for the truck as well. My family and church family are so awesome. I appreciate them all so much! -Becky

Friday, August 10, 2007

Courtney & Brians blog please read


For His Glory Orphanage in Haiti


I wanted to write about my friend Courtney again. Her and her husband Brian, are just ordinary people (almost my age a few years older) and yet they are accomplishing amazing things. They are trusting God and doing what He asks. You can read there story at there blog (see my favorite blogs to the right.) But God asked them to adopt and they said yes. They knew they could not do it alone, financially, emotionally, or physically, but with God they would be able. Courtney is one of the most positive people I know and her family and kids are happy and polite. Not common with many kids today (I know I am working on the polite with my kids.)
I love talking with Coutney as she always makes me feel good about me. What a great friend. I am thankful that God allowed us to actually have a conversation on the phone today without any of my 4 kids here or her 7 interrupting, now that is truely only God.
I am glad through prayer and small donations I can be involved in there ministry.
You can too, the orphange in Haiti has started another project. They hope to have 100 people commit to sponser a child in 100 days (for the year.) To commit you can click on there website For His Glory Adoption Agency. The committment is $30 a month for a year. How many of that spend that on one trip to McDonalds or something we don't really need? $30 a month will help a child in Haiti have a chance. Imagine if your kids had not enough food, clothes, or worse love. Well in a way these are our kids in Haiti. God calls us to care for the widows and the orphans. It is only $1.00 a day.
If you feel called to further help they also run mission trips where ordinary people go and help with things that need to be done at the orphange. You can also see they website to get more information on thses trips.
Thanks or listening. Please check out Courtney & Brian's blog and the orphanage in Haiti. -Becky

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

underwear on the ceiling fan?

I am way to not mature enough to have children. Jason is having a sleep over and these rowdy boys will not go to bed. I just walked into the living room (it's 11:33 at night) and they had the friends underwear on the fan and were turning it on to see where the underwear would go. Well, instead of being mad I thought this hilarius. Underwear on the ceiling fan, yes, but at least they were not still wearing it-lol Goodnight ( I hope.) Oh and mom sorry for keeping you up all those nights I had sleep overs. -Becky

Sunday, August 5, 2007 really helps

Hello! I am so proud of myself, after church, food shopping, watching a movie with kids, swimming in pool, and a nice dinner with boys (and ice cream sundays for dessert), and after I put Josh to bed I did something I have been procrastinating. Flylady says to do something for just 15 min., to keep us for getting overwhelmed, well I did not want to tackle my coat closet as every time I open it stuff falls on my or rolls out. I took 2 boxes and 1 garbage bag and opened the door. I set my timer for 15 min., and in that time I got all winter stuff in that closet gone (packed or disposed of) and packed all soccer stuff. It took less than 15 min. All balls are also back where they go. It was too easy. If you have trouble getting stuff done and organized try Flylady, it is free (you can buy stuff to help, books, etc, but not required.) I am not getting paid or anything for telling you about the site, but since it is so helpful to me I wanted to share.
Oh I also packed all Jasons books from his room that we are moving and got rid of about 15 that we are not. It was another good day.
By the way no one in the house, we are all safe, and I got a key again so I can keep my door locked from now on. -Becky

Jason, Josh, and Grandpa Scott crabbing

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Scaredy Cat

Hello! I got home from my part time job about an hour ago. The boys are sleeping at my mom's (my mom & stepfather took them to the rodeo.) I am actually scared to be home alone. I am convinced someone is upstairs and am way to scared to go look. Why does having a 9 & 4 year old home comfort me?

Anyway this morning we cleaned the house, we being Josh & I. Jason refused until after his meds and a shower calmed him down. Then he did a few things, but we were almost done. Sometimes I forget his meds as soon as he wakes up and this is so bad!!!!!

After chores we went crabbing with my mom & stepfather. They kept catching baby ones and we had to throw them back. When I left to go to work they were still at it and had only 1 keeper. Joshua would pull his cage up the second he threw it down, how can we work on patience?
Jason enjoyed it. I will post some pictures when I get my camera from my mom's.

Then I went to my part time Sat. babysitting job. It was not bad, best behaved kids every. They are twins. They are now 7, but I have been watching them one night a week since they were 3. The boy has severe nut and shellfish allergies and some others, so his parents never left him with any sitter. I met them cause I worked at the preschool they went to. Mom liked me cause I was not a teenager, has an AA in Education, and was certified in first aid, cpr, and epi pen. So it is good for me to make more money. I usually end up only going 2 times a month, usually one Sat. they are busy and one Sat. I am busy. But the parents go out on a date. It is so nice. And after kids go to bed I straighten up and relax with about 400 channels on there tv. Fun, since I have none.

Well, that's my day. I will update on stranger in the house and will rectify my door lock situation tomorrow so this will not happen again. -Becky



Thank God for friends

Hello! Yesturday I was working and my great friend, Monica called to see what I was doing later. She asked if we were having a painting party (I have been procrastinating painting for weeks.) I had not planned on it but she said she would come over and help me and we would order chinese (one of my favorites.) What kind of person gives up there Friday night to help someone else paint? She is so awesome. So she brought her kids over, we got our food, and we painted. It was not fun work, but having her help made it all the better. The best part was that for four hours our kids (4 boys total) played almost without interrupting us. They even "helped" a bit. So now Joshua's room is very much closer to be ready for us to move out. (I have to paint over the colors I put up in boys rooms and my room, so I can get my security back.)
God is so good to have given me some real Proverbs 17:17 friends "A friend loves at all times." And what better way to show love then helping me do a hard chore. Of course while we worked we pretended we were out relaxing with no kids, her with a drink and me with a non alcoholic smoothie something. The breeze was blowing and we were listening to some band playing backyground music. Oh wait, that was the air conditioner and kids in the background. ONE DAY MONICA, one day very soon!!!!! -Becky

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's August?

Hello! Wow it's August already. Only 18 days till I move. I am so not ready!!!
Today we had a great day. After errands (including finding a sandbox on someone' s garbage and then shoving it in my small 1992 Dodge Shadow with the trunk open and my kids scrunching low in there seats-yeah!!! now we have a sandbox for our house) anyway, after all our errands we went to the water park. My brother, Kevin, got us tickets. We had so much fun. Joshua liked the lazy river best, Jason liked the hot tub and slide that shot him into open air. Lots of sunblock and three hours later, they didn't even want to leave, but I was SO ready for a nap. The wanted to then go on rides (waterpark is next to boardwalk.) I guess I really am getting older (I will be 28 soon and all.) Maybe another day for rides.
When we got home I did take nap and kids watched a movie. My ankle was hurting me a lot, so this stinks. But now it feels much better. I am not used to standing and walking around for 3 hours on my broken ankle.
We had a nice dinner together (the nice part was sitting together at the table about 30 min. with no fighting- dinner was not too bad either- I made myself stir fry with veggies from my mom's garden on rice. Boys had plain rice, cooked carrots, and yum-corn dogs!)
After dinner boys were exhausted so Jason took a shower and read and Josh and I read a chapter of The Mouse and the Motorcycle (Jason has already read this.) Josh always begs for another chapter but we only do 1 a night (although I have to admit sometimes I read ahead.)
Ok, I am even beginning to bore myself. Overall, great day and week so far.
Oh and I packed 1 1/2 boxes and got rid of 1 garbage bag full of stuff and 8 more magazines.
-Becky in NJ

Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Monday

Good morning! It's Mon. We had a great weekend. Sat. I got to sleep in, clean the house without any kids present, and food shop alone. Who knew I'd be excited over chores? LOL. I also got more stuff packed. Two weeks and 5 days till our move. I am excited, yet wishing we had actually moved already and this is a lot of work. I am proud of myself though, everytime I pack a box an equal amount of stuff goes in trash or in give away pile. We still have way too much stuff though. We are SO blessed. God is so good to us. Have a great week! -Becky in NJ

Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy 28th Birthday to Lauren (my friend since first grade, over 20 years ago)!!!! I love you!
Happy Birthday to Aunt Donna!!!! I love you!

time to relax

hello! it is 9:30 at night, and I am not stressed from putting any children to bed. Jason is visiting with his dad, and Joshua is sleeping at my mom's (one of his favorite things to do.) I have cleaned my bathroom, cleaned out my car (has not been done in 3 months-I even windexed the windows), paid all bills due, wrote out my new calendar for Aug. ( I just got a great calendar that starts in Aug. from, I also made myself dinner (cheese ravioli's with sauce and beets- I love beets soaked in vinegar) and watched a little tv. I feel so relaxed. Today I also cleaned my room a bit more. Next, I will pack a few more boxes ( I aim at 2-3 a day and 1 bag of stuff to get rid of via garbage or give away to someone or on .) Then I will do a devotion and read before bed. The best part is I get to sleep in. This is my favorite thing to do. I really appreciate my mom keeping Joshua, I need a break. I spend all day everyday with him. This is my mission to raise my kids while being there as much as possible, God has blessed me in this desire so much. I have never had to go to work full time away from them. I was a nanny and now do the in home daycare, so I am still available for them. I know many single parents have to work outside the home and I feel for them, but I am so grateful God has allowed me to work my jobs around them.
Have a great weekend yourself, and try to relax as well!
-Becky in NJ

Positives in my life

Hello! Positives in my life:-
Only 1 daycare child today (less work for me, and she plays so well with Joshua)
-we were invitted to a pizza and pool party today
-Joshua is sleeping over my mom's tonight-I get to sleep in tomorrow
-In 3 weeks I am moving from an apartment to a house with a fenced in yard (we are so excited)
-I will have money to pay all July bills
-My car is still running
-I only work 4 days for July & Aug. and have Wed., Sat., & Sun off
-God is sustaining us even through only 1 daycare child
-My friends who are fundraising for the orphanage in Haiti they are adopting from have almost met there goal to bring a genarator and air conditioning to the orphanage
-My mom made it home safely from vacation
-my brother who hurt his knee will not need surgery after all
-my job Tues. & Thur. teaching social skills to autistic children is going very well-I know all of you!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

it's find out about fundraiser and how you can donate!!!

sorry for another post on the same day, but as I was praying God wanted me to share the good works of my friends Courtney & Brian. Courtney was my friend in high school and we still talk and keep in touch (they live in FL now.) They have 7 children and are adopting 2 sisters from Haiti. They are awesome parents, follow God, and are so blessed. Please check out there blog to the right they are fundraising for air conditioning and more for the orphange in Haiti. If you can send only one dollar (if we all did) this would make a difference. The address to donate is on there blog. Thanks for taking the time to read this, oh and please pray about it. Thanks! -Becky

Jason & Joshua